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Golf Demon is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Golf Demon is a boar-like pink demon with two horns, two large protruding teeth, dark purple eyes and legs and black hooves.


Initially, Golf Demon sits in one place, peacefully reading a book with his glasses on. Once the player gets close enough to him, he notices them and starts chasing the player, with fire effects around him. Golf Demon cannot be hit or grabbed while chasing and cannot be scared. The only way he can be defeated at this point is via parry, supertaunt, an Outlet, or hitting him with Greaseball. If the Golf Demon successfully damages the player, it will be knocked back and stunned briefly.

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  • Originally, if Golf Demon would touch Greaseball, he would launch him in a random direction.
  • The Golf Demon is a reference to two enemies from the 1993 first-person shooter by id Software, DOOM. The general body shape and skin tone overall is more akin to the Demon (also known as Pinky), but the hooves and fur on the lower half is more akin to that of a Baron of Hell's.
    • Furthermore, the billboard in the original GOLF demo, whose mechanics were reused for GOLF level in the final game, was a parody of the poster for DOOM. This likely inspired the Golf Demon's creation.


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