Pepperoni Goblin Bat

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Pepperoni Goblin Bat is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Pepperoni Goblin Bat is a purple, bat-like flying variation of Pepperoni Goblin. Instead of arms, it has bat wings, and it has shown teeth with fangs.


Pepperoni Goblin Bat hangs on the ceiling. When he sees the player, he starts flying towards them, and tries to kick them into the Ball transformation. If the enemy successfully kicks the player, or the player is too far away, he will fly back to his starting point. Unlike other enemies, Pepperoni Goblin Bat gets stunned when hit by the ball transformation.

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  • His color scheme is based on the Pepperoni Goblin's color palette in Noise's Hardoween.
  • This enemy used Pepperoni Goblin's animations in Rework.
  • The scared faces of the Pepperoni Bats in Pizzascare look like a caricature of Bela Lugosi, the actor who famously played Dracula in the classic 1931 film.