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Noisey is an enemy in Pizza Tower and an ally during The Noise Campaign.


A Noisey mostly resembles The Noise but without a torso and arms. The eyes of Noiseys have much larger pupils compared to those of The Noise, and their noses are pointy and longer than The Noise's nose when they are hostile. Otherwise, their noses are round.

Noiseys are at least partially mechanical beings, as they can be seen using advanced forms of locomotion such as jetpacks instead of legs, and one of the Noise's damage HUDs reveals that they have springs beneath their eyes.


The Noise Boss Fight

Noiseys will fall out from the gigantic Noise balloon's holes in the top corners of the screen during Phase two, after The Noise's move is done. It will walk around and hurt the player if touched from the front, acting identically to the Forknight. When walking into a wall, a Noisey will turn around. The player can grab Noiseys and throw them at The Noise, stunning him and making him vulnerable for an attack.

The Noise Campaign

Instead of being harmful, a Noisey (Who unlike most Noiseys has bigger eyes, has a round nose that hangs down and wears a sign on his head) guides the player during Pizza Time, and helps out in other minor ways on the player's journey.


Originally, Noisey would have had the ability to survive the first hit it took from Peppino. After hitting Noisey for the first time, it would lose its legs in favor of a spring and bounce up and down.

Noisey was used for a pre-release version of Deep Dish 9 as seen in the April 2021 build. It is unknown if it was not going to be used for The Noise's boss at the time.

Noisey was planned to appear in Noise Gutter, an unused version of John Gutter that would have permanently been saved onto your file once you get back the key from The Noise in older versions.



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  • Noisey was going to have a heat meter attack, but it is unknown what this attack would be.
  • Noisey has no turning animations in the final game, but in the files there is a completed turning animation for it. For unknown reasons, it went unused.
  • Noisey is the only object from a boss fight that can be scared.
  • For unknown reasons, there is a flipped version of Noisey's escape idle sprite from The Crumbling Tower of Pizza in the files of the game.
  • While playing as The Noise, the enemy variant of Noisey will use the color palette of The Doise. This can only be seen through hacking, as this variant of Noisey is never encountered while playing as The Noise.


Noise boss fight

Noise Campaign

Scrapped animations