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The Noise Update promotional artwork seen on Youtube and Steam.

The Noise Update, starting with version 1.1.0, introduces The Noise as a playable character in Pizza Tower.


The Noise can be unlocked as a playable character in two ways: hitting Peppino on the title screen one hundred times, or by completing the game as Peppino. Upon unlocking The Noise, pressing down on the title screen allows the player to change campaigns.

Gameplay changes

  • Three new Noise save files are created upon beating the game (or 'unlocking The Noise'), featuring a playable Noise with several moveset differences:
    • Instead of climbing walls, Noise will bounce upward off of them using his skateboard.
      • While wall bouncing, the player can cancel and spin out by pressing the grab button. Hitting another wall in this state will make Noise bounce again, each consecutive bounce becoming weaker until it becomes obsolete.
      • If the player is holding the Run key when landing after a wall bounce, The Noise will be put into a Mach 3 state.
    • The dive is replaced with a tornado move, in which Noise will perpetually spin like a tornado as long as the down key is held. In this state, he can move horizontally, kill enemies, and fit through 1-tile gaps (which will put him back into a Mach state).
      • Letting go of the down key while in tornado form will put Noise in a very short wall bounce, and grabbing while in tornado form will put Noise in a crouched running state. The Noise will almost never retain any speed past Mach 3 after performing a tornado move, unlike the dive.
    • Jumping while holding up on the ground lets Noise instantly prepare a Super Jump.
    • While performing a Super Jump, Noise can slightly move horizontally.
    • Jumping while holding up in the air allows Noise to crash into the ground with his Noise Crusher. This is functionally identical to Gustavo and Brick's double jump.
    • Most transformations and other level gimmicks work differently when playing as The Noise.
    • The Noise's uppercut reaches far higher than Peppino's.
  • Swap Mode:
    • After beating the game as The Noise, smoke will be coming from below the room before the Pizzaface boss. The Noise can then jump off the tower to enter Peppino's House. Leaving it will unlock Swap Mode.
    • This mode allows the player to swap between Peppino and The Noise by pressing the down key while taunting, or when getting hurt.
    • Another player can join the game using a second controller. The two players fight over control to gain the most points, which works similarly to the Coop build.
  • Headless Fake Peppino can now be parried.

Visual changes

  • If the player reaches a combo of 50 or more before Pizza Time, the TV HUD will feature a 'heated' character expression.
    • Previous to the Noise Update, Peppino's TV sprite for a 50+ combo had been used in the scrapped Heat Meter mechanic.
  • If the player kills an enemy in the first room of a level, the Combo Ghost featured in the combo meter will be purple to indicate that a P-rank is possible. When the player loses the combo, the next combo will use the original yellow Combo Ghost, signifying the loss of a potential P-rank.
  • When playing The Noise's campaign or Swap Mode, the TV HUD and the combo meter text will be yellow.
  • The Fake Peppino Chase ending background has had the Do Enter Not Inside! sign changed to Do Not Go Inside!

Audio changes

Per-Level Changes

  • Tutorial shows off differences about the Noise to Peppino, as he's unlocked after beating the game as him.
  • All boss fights give The Noise a special ability to throw bombs instead of grabbing.
  • In Vigilante's fight, The Noise will disrespect his honorable draw and shoot him automatically.
  • The Doise replaces Noise as the third boss.
  • Fake Peppino is noticeably faster in his chase sequence when playing as The Noise.
    • The Noise will angrily yell at Fake Peppino if he gets caught, causing him to be scared and run away.
  • In John Gutter, the music is replaced with The Noise's Jam Packed Radical Anthem.
  • In Fastfood Saloon, Noise can kill Horsey after finishing a race with him.
  • In Gnome Forest, Noise continues the level as himself instead of swapping with Gustavo and Brick.
    • He also doesn't deliver pizzas, and instead kills both the pizzas and the gnomes, giving him the Toppins for free.
    • In the Gustavo and Brick tutorial room, all of the Pizza Grannies will be missing except for the first one, who teaches the player about the crusher jump.
  • In GOLF, The Noise will rewrite the par if he goes over it.
  • In The Pig City, The Noise will transform into a version of himself that hangs onto rails using his gloves, in a similar way to Gustavo and Brick.
    • He will also kill Grandpa Pepper instead of getting hurt, and doesn't receive any clothes.
  • In Peppibot Factory, a bucket is placed at the start of the level, which follows the player and spills water on a row of electric sockets to disable them in a later section that would otherwise be difficult to traverse as The Noise.
  • In Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator, the Noise chugs a strange keg. This gives him the Devil's Choice power up, but without the invincibility.
  • In Don't Make A Sound, when caught by one of the Toppin Monsters, the Noise becomes a corpse, being unable to move before another Noise appears shortly after.
  • In WAR, there are buckets placed throughout the level. If there is an enemy nearby when the player runs into a bucket, it will splash water on the enemy, killing said enemy.
  • In The Crumbling Tower of Pizza, The Noise will collect Noisette, a Noisey, and The Bucket. He will kill everyone else he comes into contact with, including the bosses, Mort the Chicken, Snotty (if left alive prior) and Gerome.

The Doise Boss

The Noise and The Doise having a brawl in Doise's Boss Arena.

The Noise has a special boss encounter on his debut floor, Vacation Resort. After buying the Boss Gate from Noisette on the floor, instead of The Noise's arena spawning in, it is instead Replaced by The Doise's, a recolor bootleg version of Noise. The boss fight goes just as The Noise's, exepect with some diffriences:

  • The arena takes place in what seems to be a hivemind of Doise creatures, melting and scrolling vertically.
  • The Doise's projectiles are instead Rocks instead of bombs like The Noise.
  • This Boss fight is also the only one to have the Boss stay dead in the game.

For more information, check the page for The Doise Here.

Chef Tasks

This is a Chef Tasks dedicated specifically to The Doise Boss:

Defeat The Noise without getting hurt.


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  • Directly before the release of The Noise Update, McPig had streamed himself playing "Ancient Aliens" on Twitch with the title: "When we finish Ancient Aliens, we will release the The Noise Update". The stream featured the likenesses of Peppino, The Noise, The Doise, El Diego], Maurice, Stupid Rat, and several more characters unrelated to Pizza Tower.
  • In the weeks leading to The Noise Update's release, the update would be vaguely teased by Pizza Tower developers on Twitter. This included pictures and videos relating to buckets, a single frame of The Noise's deflating animation, and Mr. Sauceman announcing that The Noise has indeed spoken (I Need A Noise features the same sentiment in its official description).





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