The Pig City

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The Pig City is the thirteenth level in Pizza Tower, and the first level of the Slum.

The level takes place in an unkempt city inhabited by pigs, with setting changing to a bustling Chinatown overrun by Shrimp Thugs. The level's titlecard shows an alleyway in the city, with The Noise waving happily at a large grumpy pig citizen and a Pizza Slug, while a wanted poster depicting Peppino is seen on the wall.


This level contains the following enemies:




All of the Toppins in the level are located in the Taxi rooms, each of them located across the stage.


Rewarded for clearing Taxi 1.


Rewarded for clearing Taxi 2.


Rewarded for clearing Taxi 3.


Rewarded for clearing Taxi 4.


Rewarded for clearing Taxi 5.

Tower Secret Treasure


In the fifth Taxi room, behind a Fake Wall.


In the jail room, inside a Fake Wall in the floor. The Tower Secret Treasure is an onigiri.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the second Taxi room, inside a Fake Wall, indicated with cracks and an eye formation on it.

This secret consists of Hamkuffs, requiring the player to defeat them while breaking Metal Blocks.

Secret Eye 2

In the fourth Taxi Room, near two Shrimp Thugs on a platform, inside a Fake Wall, indicated with cracks and an eye formation on it.

In this secret, the player is required to use Gustavo's rail-gripping mechanic to traverse through the room.

Secret Eye 3

In the fifth Taxi room, on the opposite side to the Taxi, inside a Fake Wall.

This secret consists of a set of platforming challenges, that utilize Dash Pads and Rat Balloons.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

In the jail room, next to Gustavo and Brick.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Pan Fried
Find the bacon room.
Kill three or more enemies with a single Brick ball in Pig City.
Say Oink!
Take a photo with every Pig City citizen.


Level's soundtrack:

Mr. Sauceman – Bite The Crust
Mr. Sauceman – Way Of The Pig
ClascyJitto – A Secret In These Streets



  • In the third Taxi room, right above the police car disguised as an exit taxi, two bacon strips can be found on the ceiling. There is a hidden door leading to a room with 20 Bacon Toppings that don't appear anywhere else. Finding this room earns the player an achievement.
  • The level used to include a circus area and an underground area, but this has since been scrapped. Remnants of these locations are inside a secret room in the hub and Fake Peppino chase sequence, respectively.
  • This level formerly used the track "Delivery for the City" instead of "Bite the Crust", but it was changed as the composer of the song, ClascyJitto (aka Frostix) isn't proud of it and wanted it removed.
  • This level was at first titled Street before getting its final name.
  • At the beginning of the level, there is a hole in a wall. Grabbing through that hole reveals a path to Grandpa Pepper. Getting hit by him as Peppino grants the player the Itchy Sweater outfit.
    • The Noise kills Grandpa Pepper instead.
  • The inclusion of hay decorations could be a reference to the houses in "the Three Little Pigs".
  • The title card for this, Crust Cove, and Wasteyard are the only ones that do not directly show Peppino, and rather a poster of him appears here.
  • The 5th Background is originally used for the scrapped Kung Fu level.