Rat Balloon

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Rat Balloon is a level asset in Pizza Tower.


The Rat Balloon is a large, blue balloon that bears resemblance to Stupid Rats.


Upon being touched, the player holds it and drifts upward. They can move around, and after 4.1 seconds, the balloon pops. If the player presses jump button, the balloon pops as well.

While playing as Gustavo and Brick, it acts differently. Upon touch, Brick will consume it and fall much slower. Either after 4.1 seconds or pressing the jump button, Gustavo and Brick will be launched upward.

When playing as The Noise, the Rat Ballon also acts different. Upon touch, The Noise will eat the ballon and fall much slower. While in this state, holding the jump button causes him to fly upwards. After holding the jump button for approximately 2 seconds in total, the balloon will pop and The Noise gets launched upward. Pressing the grab button will immediately pop the ballon and launch The Noise upward.

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  • The Rat Balloon is likely inspired by the Owl from Wario Land 2 & Wario Land 3.
  • In Rework, the Rat Balloon uses a sprite of a different balloon when idling, and Peppino uses the animation of jumping with Mort when moving upwards. Both are likely used as placeholders.


Audio Description
Rat Balloon being either grabbed or consumed.
Rat Balloon being deflated.
A sound effect playing with the deflation sound.


Regular animation

Player animations