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This is a page listing every level asset that has been in Pizza Tower.


Name Behavior First seen First demo
Picture Notes
Breakable Block Can be destroyed with any attack. Comes in two variants: small and large. Tutorial Early Test Build

Many variants with different sprites exist throughout the levels.

Used to have a different design, looking like a wooden block with cracks (a large variant would also have bandages). It also used to have its own escape variant, which is a purple version fo the blocks that only appear on Pizza Time or during escape time depending on how you call it, on the Rework build they were replaceed by front-facing skin colored blocks with the metal ones being the mard maroon looking faces

Door A pathway from one room to another. Tutorial Early Test Build
Many variants with different sprites exist throughout the levels. At one point all doors looked the same with there being another variant being the golden door that appears in "secrets" on ETB and on Snick's Challenge.
Toppin Cage Gives a Toppin when opened. Tutorial Early Test Build
Originally was a pizza box instead of a cage. In older builds, the cage and pizza box were absent. Instead they would stand still in one place until you collect them.
Metal Block Can only be broken if they're run into at Mach 3 or higher, or by ground pounding them from a high enough height. Tutorial Early Test Build
The super jump used to be able to break them, but this was removed.
Target Block Can only be destroyed by shooting it with a shotgun. Used as an obstacle in the tutorial, requiring an enemy to be thrown at a target to be destroyed. Tutorial February 2020 Patreon Demo
This block originally had the same function as the Enemy Blocks.
Box of Pizzas Transports the player from one room to another. Tutorial May 2019 Patreon Build
These are based off of the pipes from the Wario Land series.
Baddie Spawner Infinitely spawns certain enemies or projectiles one after the other. Mostly used for situations where a certain enemy is required to pass. Tutorial Demo 1 (Halloween 2018 Demo)
There's an unused aggressive red version, which would have likely spawned enemies much faster or spawned more than one enemy at a time.
John Block Switches states during Pizza Time. Tutorial Early Test Build

These act the same as the Frog Blocks from Wario Land 4.

In Early Test Build, they had a different look, appearing more like a Weenie block; they also were simply defeated when the escape started. They were given their final design in GOLF.

Pizza Block Comes in two variants: small and large. When destroyed, the small variant gives 10 Pizza Points, and the large variant gives 100. John Gutter Early Test Build

Originally would have pepperoni and cheese debris, which originally was collected by Gerome in the unfinished different combo system for the W rank, before it was scrapped. It used to give you 2 Pizza Slices
Fake Wall Takes on the appearance of a wall, but can be destroyed. Tutorial Early Test Build
Can either act like a Breakable Block, or a Metal Block.
Banana Peel Causes the player to uncontrollably slip for a bit. Dropped by Swedish Monkeys. John Gutter Early Test Build
Used to only slide when touching instead of slipping.
Secret Eye Teleports the player to their respective secret room. John Gutter PT_Eggplantv15
Secrets were originally entered without secret eyes but rather objects like box of pizzas, doors, hallways,... in hidden areas, in every secret rooms in old builds it would contain an obj_secretfound to inform the player that they found the nth secret out of 6, which is the original limit.
Escape Spawner Appears in most levels in a set spot during Pizza Time, and will spawn an enemy out of its mouth. It is also active during Lap 2. John Gutter Eggplant
In old builds, enemies spawning on escape would immediately spawn when you enter the room during escape.
Lap 2 Portal Teleports the player back to the room with Pillar John upon touch, giving 3000 points and starting Lap 2, respawning enemies as well as clock and bell pickups without refilling Pizza Time's timer. John Gutter Demo 2
In older builds, the logo and flag is absent.
Key Door A pathway from one room to another locked by a key found elsewhere. Pizzascape Early Test Build
Sword Stone Activates the Knight transformation when grabbed. Pizzascape Early Test Build
Used to activate the transformation when simply colliding with it, you used to be given an attack by pressing X. Bumping or touching spikes, outlets would have removed the transformation.
Priest Removes the transformation that the player has, gives 500 Pizza Points once. Pizzascape PT_Eggplantv15
Before priests, spikes and outlets was one of the ways to remove transformations.
Stupid Rat Blocks the way, but can be destroyed with most transformations. Pizzascape Rework (Current behavior)

Beachandforest (Old behavior)

Before the Rework builds, it would block the way until the player delivers pizza to a gnome.
Cheese Block Dissolves shortly after being stood on, reappearing shortly after. Ancient Cheese SAGE 2019 Demo
According to McPig, when they dissolve, they're moved far away from the playable area until they reappear.
Pizza Cutter Constantly spins from a set point, hurting the player on contact. Bloodsauce Dungeon Demo 1
The Pizza Cutter is seperated into two objects, one for the base and one for the head.
Boiling Sauce Activates the Firebutt transformation. Bloodsauce Dungeon SAGE 2019 Demo
The launch height was originally higher.
One Way Breakable Block Can only be destroyed from the side where the face is. Bloodsauce Dungeon February 2020 Patreon Build
Rock Block Can only be destroyed by a TNT Block or a Destructible Rock Block. Oregano Desert Patreon Builds
A chain reaction can happen with more than one Rock Block.
Destructible Rock Block Broken variation of Rock Block that can be destroyed with any attack. Oregano Desert April 2021 Build
The function originates from the second TNT Block's effect.
TNT Block Can be destroyed only by Firemouth transformation. Oregano Desert Patreon Builds
Originally they had their current effect, but for a while could be destroyed even without the Firemouth transformation. The previous effect was given to Destructible Rock Block.
Pizzamart Acts as an enterable building. Oregano Desert SAGE 2019 Demo
In the SAGE 2019 Demo, there was a Pizzamart found at each level. Each of them held two Pay Blocks allowing the player to purchase two shotguns for four Pizza Coins each. This was scrapped along with Pizza Coins, though Pizzamart was eventually moved as a setpiece in Oregano Desert.
Cow Upon touch launches the player away. Oregano Desert PT_Eggplantv15
Totem Cloud Fires lightning downwards every few seconds. It disappears if a Tribe Cheese stops dancing near their totems. Oregano Desert Rework
Cheese Grater A wall that can only be passed through by the Ghost transformation. Wasteyard Westernbuildv1
Corpse Upon touch lets the player ride on it, while constantly moving in one direction. Drops off upon jumping or hitting the wall. Wasteyard PT_Eggplantv15
Checkpoint Saves progress in the room if the player falls into a pit. Ancient Cheese BeachandForestv1
Was originally used for one build and then removed due to being useless, as failing Pizza Time resets the number of toppings the player has, and timers for enemy gauntlets were removed too.
Mort Cube Can only be destroyed by the Mort transformation. Fun Farm Western Build V1
The sprite for this block was made by Strawberry Octopuss, the creator of Memoirs of Magic. It also appears only once in a hidden room.
Well Activates the Mort transformation. Fun Farm Westernbuildv1
Mort jumping from the Well is a reference to how he starts every level in his game. In the Rework build, you can have infinite Morts follow you.
Flying Ladder A ladder with a propeller on top that flies upward when climbed. Fun Farm Western Build V1
When reaching a certain point, the ladder breaks and respawns. Before then, it will start to blink.

These were once hooks, but PTG changed them as flying ladders were easier to code in.

Mort Hook If the player has the Mort transformation, can be used to launch the player upward. Fun Farm Rework
Present Forcefully launches the player and certain enemies upward. Fast Food Saloon April 2021 Build
This acts nearly identically to an unused object called the Super Spring.
Timed Gate A gate that only opens up when a Time Button is pressed, closing up again when the timer is up. Fast Food Saloon Westernbuildv1

When activated, there used to be a red timer on top of the screen that indicates how much time is left before the gate is closed.
Flush Collecting all of the cards of the same type gives a certain amount of points to the player, depending on the card type. Fast Food Saloon Rework
Horsey Passing it starts the race, where the player must reach the end first to earn a Toppin. If they lose, the Toppin won't be obtainable. Fast Food Saloon Rework
Ventilator Moves the player upward. Fast Food Saloon PT_Eggplantv15
Gun Container Upon grabbing it, gives the shotgun. The Vigilante Boss Fight PT_Eggplantv15
In boss levels, it gives the pistol instead.
Clown Tent Starts Clown transformation. Vacation Resort April 2021 Build
Appears in one secret room of Vacation Resort, used to appear in Mansion.
Dash Pad A pad that makes the player instantly reach Mach 3 after walking on it. Fast Food Saloon Demo 1
Dangerous Water Touching it makes the player jump upward. The player can run on water at Mach 3 or Mach 4. Crust Cove BeachandForestv1
In the very first builds, the player could swim inside water.
Water Currents Pushes the player in one direction uncontrollably. Crust Cove BeachandForestv1
Cannon Goblinbot A robotic version of the Cannon Pizza Goblin that automatically shoots bombs forward at intervals. Crust Cove BeachandForestv1
Outlet Hurts the player and enemies on touch. Can be destroyed by Toppin Monsters. Crust Cove Demo 2
These took on the appearance of spike blocks in some early demos.

They could be destroyed by Barrel transformations, as shown in the gameplay video by PTG, but that was cut in the build. Eventually, the spike sprite was given to the Spit Cheese as their projectiles.

Big Mushroom Bounces the player high into the air. Vacation Resort BeachandForestv1
Gnome Pizza Upon being collected, it must be delivered to gnomes in a set amount of time to get a Toppin. If the time ends, the Toppin won't be obtainable and the Gnome Pizza will look like a frozen pizza. Gnome Forest PT_Eggplantv15
Gnome Pizza's idle animation.
Teleporter Pizza Teleports the player to its dedicated Teleporter Machine. Deep-Dish 9 Westernbuildv1

Asteroid Can be destroyed with the Rocket transformation. Deep-Dish 9 Rework
Switch Block Switches states upon the player interacting with a dedicated Switch. Deep-Dish 9 April 2021 Build

During development, John Blocks were used as visual placeholders.
Anti-gravitational Olive Upon touch, the player starts flying upward while being able to move. Bounces a bit from the walls. The olive pops after pressing the jump button. Deep-Dish 9 PT_Eggplantv15
Taxi Entering it will bring the player back to its matching Stop Sign. The Pig City Peppino's Xmas Break
In earlier builds, it worked the same as a Teleporter Pizza, sending the player back to a point in the same room. It is now used to teleport through multiple rooms.
Golf Block Can only be destroyed if Greaseball gets into a goal within the same room. GOLF GOLF
Used to resemble Greaseball and was called the Nerd Block
Sir Nose Holds Greaseball if it's near. GOLF PT_Eggplantv15
Hoop Jumping into it in the Ball transformation or hitting Greaseball at it gives the player 50 points. GOLF PT_Eggplantv15
Used to be a static black and white sprite that lacked the Greaseball's face.
Goblinbot A robotic version of the Pepperoni Goblin that, when touched, launches the player in their Ball form in the direction it's facing. GOLF BeachandForestv1
Skateboard Continuously pushes the player forward. Can only be stopped by taking damage or hitting the wall. The Noise Boss Fight Early Test Build
At one point was replaced by Clown transformation.
Rat Balloon Upon touch, the player starts flying upward while being able to move. Pops away either after some time passed or after pressing the jump button. As Gustavo and Brick, after eating the balloon, the player starts slowly descending. Either after some time passes or after pressing the jump button, they will jump up in the air. The Pig City Rework
Ramp When running off at Mach 3 or higher, makes the player jump off it with the same speed. The Pig City April 2021 Hotfix
Grind Rail Essentially semi-solid Ice Blocks that also allow the player to jump while sliding. Can come in slopes. The Pig City Patreon Builds
A player in the Knight transformation will phase through these.
Giant Slime Spits out cheeseballs, colliding with which gives the player the Cheeseball transformation. Oh Shit! April 2021 Build
Used to look like a cheeseball, and earlier would have the appearance of Trash Pan.
Sewer Pipes Going inside pipes makes the player travel across them. Oh Shit! April 2021 Build

Super Side Spring Bounces the player horizontally in the direction it's facing, turning the player around if they are traveling fastly towards it. Oh Shit! Demo 1
Originally resembeled super spring seen in the Halloween Demo
Conveyor Belt Moves the player away in a certain horizontal direction depending on the color of the conveyor belt. Peppibot Factory Demo 2

There used to be sideways versions that could only be stuck to using the Sticky Cheese transformation.
Factory Spawner Spawns either Outlets or Dash Pads. Peppibot Factory Rework
Frozen Block Can only be destroyed with a Jetpack or with the Pepper Pizza, gives 10 points and 1.1 seconds to the combo timer upon being destroyed. Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator‎‎ April 2021 Build
Some have chickens inside of them, which are freed when the block is destroyed. There is a Chef's Task for freeing all of the chickens.

Originally small ones were vulnerable to fire, but later they became their own object, making the extensive variant replace them.

Heater Removes certain ice tiles upon touch. Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator April 2021 Build
Refills the combo timer when touched.
Jetpack Upon touch, launches the player upward. If the player falls onto a frozen block with the jetpack, they will bounce off without losing the jetpack and the block will be destroyed. If the player presses the grab button, it launches them forward. Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator PT_Eggplantv15
Pepper Pizza When consumed by the player, they will become invincible and get the ability to fly, which can be used to destroy frozen blocks. Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator April 2021 Build
In older builds, it used to make the player instantly go into Mach 4
Free Milk Stand Ends the Pepper Pizza transformation for Lap 2 of Freezerator's escape. Gives 1000 points. Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator desert_playtest
Used to remove the Firemouth transformation in older builds, but was changed to the priest
Exorcist Gives the player a cross to protect them from damage and allows them to kill Ghostknights. Pizzascare PT_octobe22buildv1
Chigaco Pizza Acts like a platform, but moves up and down. Pizzascare (main)

John Gutter (secret)

In secrets, it doesn't move.
War Terminal Upon grabbing it, recovers 30 seconds. WAR PT_Eggplantv15
Landmine Activates upon stepping on it, and soon explodes. WAR April 2021 Build
Used to use Bomb Block's sprite as a placeholder.
Metal Detector Removes the player's shotgun when passed through. WAR Westernbuildv1


These level assets used to exist in pre-release versions of the game, but are absent in the final game.

Name Behavior First seen First demo appearance Picture Notes
Breakable Door A fragile door. Anything will break it, except if the player is walking into it or is at Mach 1. Tutorial Early Test Build
The object now plays no sound when broken, and uses the wrong debris sprites.
Pizza Box Gives a Toppin when opened. Was replaced by Toppin Cages. John Gutter Early Test Build
Originally just gave Complete Pizzas, worth 100 Pizza Points.
Bomb Block Can only be destroyed by a bomb explosion or The Vigilante's dynamites. Ancient Cheese Demo 1
Was replaced with Stupid Rat and no longer works as intended due to changes made to the Bomb transformation.
Super Spring Sends the player into a super jump when touched. Ancient Demo 1
Was reused as Present.
Tombstone Ends the Ghost transformation. Wasteyard Westernbuildv1
Can be grabbed and thrown, often used for puzzles. Has a brown variant that cannot be thrown.
Angel Priest Flies in circles, removes current transformation that the player has. Wasteyard PT_Eggplantv15
Angel Priests still appear on the pause screen.

Unlike the regular priest, he does not give any points. This is because this version of the priest was used as an obstacle instead of a helping hand.

Haybale Catches on fire if bumped into by a provoked Peasanto, shot by a fireball using Firemouth, or landed on by a player during Firebutt. Once on fire, causes Firebutt on touch. Fun Farm Western Build V1

Enemy Block A block with the outline of a Cheeseslime painted on it. Can only be destroyed by throwing an enemy into it. Space Pinball Western Build V1
Breaks when an enemy is thrown at it.
Tomato Block Acts like a spring, weakly bouncing the player upwards. Space Pinball Patreon Builds
These were once going to first appear in Oh Shit!.

The player could initially hold down the jump button on them to bounce higher.

Barrel Block Can only be destroyed by the Barrel transformation. Crust Cove BeachandForestv1
Was replaced with Stupid Rat and no longer works as intended.
Ball Block Can only be destroyed by the Ball transformation. Kung Fu April 2021 Build
Unclimbable wall Cannot be climbed on. Oregano Desert N/A
Was not added in any of the builds.
Boulder Falls once the player steps under it before rolling in one direction, squishing the player and sending them through semisolid platforms below. Oregano Desert desert_playtest
These once only started rolling during the escape and had Noise Dynamites appear next to them. Were replaced by Meatball Boulders.
Corn Ends the Mort transformation. Acts as a physical barrier before Mort pecks at it. Fun Farm Westernbuildv1
Was replaced with Priest.
Super Metal Block Can only be destroyed by the Knight or Rocket transformation. Deep-Dish 9 April 2021 Build
An early version of the Stupid Rat.
Recoverable Block Acts like Breakable Block, but upon defeat reappears after some time. Deep-Dish 9 Rework

Their sprites were used for regular breakable blocks in the Rework build, but the sprites were changed back in the Eggplant Build.
Cheese Blob Maker Infinitely drops cheese blobs that activate the Sticky Cheese transformation. Peppibot Factory Demo 2
Bowling Ball Stuns the player for a short bit if it falls on them. Dragon Lair Demo 1
These once hung in place before dropping down on the player when they got too close.
Destructible John Block A block that, when destroyed, spawns a Mushroom Ghost which charges at the player before disappearing. The Pig City April 2021 Build Hotfix
Despite its name and appearance, this block isn't affected when Pillar John is defeated.

The Mushroom ghost that gets spawned when the block is destroyed, is merely a placeholder for a john-themed enemy, the name of the object, obj_johnghost, confirming that this is an early version of the John Ghost from Wasteyard.

Cheeseball Block Can only be destroyed by the Cheeseball transformation Oh Shit! Patreon Builds
Was replaced with Stupid Rat.
Balloon Bounces the player upward on contact, popping it for a bit before it reappears. Don't Make A Sound Demo 1 Tester Build
Bounces the player up higher than a Tomato Block.
Ice Block Slips the player forward if landed on. Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator Peppino's Xmas Break
Originally, small ones were vulnerable to fire, but later they became their own object, making big variants replace them.
obj_spring A 1-tile block that sends the player upward. None Halloween Demo A very early version of the Super Spring or Tomato block object.
Spike An early version of the Outlet, hurting the player on contact. Ancient Early Test Build
The Outlet is known as "obj_spike" in the files, confirming that this is an early version of it.

The sprite was later reused for Spit Cheese's attack and Fake Peppino's Super Taunt.

Glass Case A case for Tower Secret Treasures that would initiate the escape sequence. Ancient Early Test Build
Weapon Machine Allows the player to pay Pizza Coins for a shotgun. Pizzascape Demo 1
These were scrapped due to Pizza Coins being scrapped as well.
Washing Machine Used by The Noise in earlier builds to destroy Metal Blocks, as he couldn't gain enough speed normally to break them. Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator Patreon Builds
The washing machine was also going to be used as a grappling hook for The Noise, but this was scrapped.

In the current game, The Noise can be seen riding on the Washing Machine in a secret room of Staff Only.

Falling Debris Works the same as the Bowling Ball, except it appears only during Pizza Time. Ancient Cheese SAGE 2019 Demo v10
Was used only in the SAGE 2019 Demo v10 and nowhere else.
Snowman Block A block that resets the entire level if touched. Christmas Race Build level Christmas Race Build
Joke block that wasn't meant to be in the game.
Breakable TV A TV that contains 2 pizza slices. Can only be destroyed by a grab. Oregano Desert Patreon Builds
This might be a reference to the TVs in Sonic games that would give rings when destroyed.
Pepper Block Can only be destroyed by Pepperman's shoulder dash. Mansion SAGE 2019 Demo
Was originally going to appear in a Pepperman boss fight in Mansion.
Enemy Button If an enemy steps on it, it opens the Enemy Gate. Wasteyard Rework
Was originally supposed to be used during the ghost transformation, but still works with normal enemies.
Toppin Warriors A group of special Toppins that can stop Pizzaface from killing the player by sacrificing themselves. Dragon Lair Bossv1
Enemy Gate Opens if an enemy is on Enemy Button. Wasteyard Rework