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Cactus goes well on pizza.

This build has a page on The Cutting Room Floor.

This article is about a 2018 prerelease build; for another Halloween themed demo see: Noise's Hardoween

The Halloween Demo is the second publicly released prerelease build of Pizza Tower released on Halloween of 2018, containing a title screen, tutorial, and a simple hub area, along with new changes, such as having different sound effects to replace the Wario Land placeholders, removing the transformation music, and being one of the only two public builds to have (or introduce) Peppino's slap move. This is the first demo to include a boss fight, being against Pepperman.



In the main menu, the player is given three options, 'START' to play the demo, 'KEYCONFIG' to change their keybinds, And to press F1 on their keyboard to revert any keybind changes.

Key configuration in this demo is very simple, the game will show the text something along the lines: "PRESS (Key)". when these are shown, the player must press a key on their keyboard for their desired layout. After finishing, the player is shown "OK?" to let the player know if this is how they want it. Pressing their jump button will go back to the selection, pressing their slap button would result in going all the way back to the start.

Peppino's moveset is more close to the final game. Instead of being from the Early Test Build, the run is now . However grabbing is actually in this build does not exist, it is instead a Slap mechanic. It works similarly to grabbing in the retail game. Slapping enemies results it being stunned for a few seconds like normally, but slapping them 3 times results in the player grabbing the enemy and stopping them. When this happens, the game is waiting for the player's input to attack the enemy. There is a various ways the player can do to attack the enemy in this state.

  • Pressing would throw the enemy upwards.
  • Pressing makes the player crush the enemy with their arm, similar to a Boxer.
  • Pressing either or would make the player kick the enemy.
  • Pressing to jump makes the player do a piledriver move.
  • And Pressing their button would throw the enemy.

Other than this, Peppino's moveset works exactly the same from Early Test Build.

After selecting START on the menu the player would shown a small cutscene of Peppino riding a Food delivery scooter and crashing himself from a single Rock. sliding all the way to the entrance of the level, Ancient Tower. However there is a trap, if the player does not react fast enough they will fall into a pit, which leads to the Tutorial of the Demo.

Level format changes

Conecpt image of Peppino standing next to the Ancient Tower, presumably for how you would select between levels.
Image of level design of Ancient Tower.

These are changes that were made on how levels function and would at this point of development.

Towers were going to be the levels of the game instead of taking place in one single tower. The Tower Secret Treasures has been given a new purpose, instead of being at the end of the level to trigger Pizza Time, it instead in a room blocked by Pillar John. The player would need to be get all 5 Toppins around the level and feed it to Pillar John so he will let the player pass.

Secrets in this demo are absent and were made to have a new purpose, while they have the same look as the secret rooms from Early Test Build, it now locates Toppins instead of Pizza Points the player can get.

S-Rank threshold

Unlike other demos, the criteria to get S-Rank is very different. To get S-Rank, The Player has to:

  • Get a high enough score (uncertain; collecting all Toppins and defeating all enemies should be enough),
  • Get hit at most 3 times,
  • Get the tower secret treasure after feeding the Pillar John,
  • Escape in less than two minutes,
  • Complete the entire level, ascent and escape (but not tutorial) in less than 10 minutes

Once A-ranking or S-Ranking this demo's level, a hidden door appears. Entering it will cause the player to teleport to a "Dance Party" room where the player can play both songs used in the level, unused songs and Frostix's remixes.



is a basic early version of the Tutorial in Pizza Tower. Fore more information check out the article: Tutorial/Pre-release.

Ancient Tower

Ancient Tower is a old tower that resambles the Pizza Tower from the retail game, being a old tower with vines and destroyed walls or pillars. It is the in habited by enemies around the level, despite the tower being not kept in the best of shape.


This demo contains the following enemies:






In the second room of the level right below the ladder.

To get the Toppin, the player needs to time their jumps correctly to get across to the end of the room, and then to pick up the Toppin.


In the sixth room, above the dinner tables, can be entered by either Super Jumping or going into the next room and taking the other path.

To get the Toppin, the player needs jump around to get it, Very easy.


On the second floor, In the third room on the top of the room.

To get the Toppin, the player has to run over some Cheese Slimes then super jump to collect it.


On the second floor, inside the seventh room, easily can be found by going on the Super Spring on the second room.

To get the Toppin, but you have to go under the ladder and use the dash pad to gain speed, roll under the wall in the way, and then superjump to collect the Toppin.


On the second floor, in the path of the eight room.

To get the Toppin, the player has to get mach 3 state speed to break Metal Blocks that are blocking the Toppin.

Tower Secret Treasure


In the second room after the entering the second floor, the entrance is blocked by a Metal Block that has to be broken with the Knight Transformation. The Tower's Secret Treasure present in the level is a peanut butter jar.


Demo soundtrack:

Post Elvis – Menu
ClascyJitto – Funiculi
Mr. Sauceman – music_null

Ancient Tower's soundtrack:

Mr. Sauceman – Garlic Noodles
Mr. Sauceman – Cold Spaghetti (Early)
Mr. Sauceman – Pepperman Boss (Early)


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Halloween Demo.
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  • This was the first demo to officially include Frostix's remixes for Pizza Tower.
  • In the folder for this game there is a splash image titled "splash.png" which shows a dithered arcade with a purple-pinkish hue. This might've been a placeholder splash screen.
    • The same image was found in the files of Weenie Cop, one of Pizza Tower Guy's cancelled games.
  • In the files for the demo, there seems to be a older verison of the Ancient Tower's layout. It can never be played normally unless if the build is modded.
  • Despite being used teleporting the player into the Ancient Tower, Lap 2 does is absent in this demo.





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