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This is documentation about a Template. Portions of this template may not display properly without certain values provided.

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This template is used to create a navigation box (navbox). It's based on specially designed Lua module (see: Module:Navbox).
|title = <visible title of navbox>
|template = <template title of navbox for d/e links>
|state = <collapsed/expanded/plain>
|headerN = <subheader title>
|groupN = <group title>
|listN = 
* <row content>
|bodystyle/bodyclass = 
|titlestyle/titleclass = 
|headerstyle/headerclass =  
|groupstyle/groupclass =
|liststyle/listclass = 
  • N stands for number variables
  • Xstyle parameters should contain inline CSS, while Xclass parameters use classes defined in MediaWiki:Common.css or via TemplateStyles
To create a subgroup, the code following listN= must be:
|groupN = 
|listN = 
Usage examples
|title = Example Navbox
|state = collapsed
|titlestyle = background: green; color: white
|headerstyle = color: white
|header1 = This is subheader
|group1 = This is a group
|list1 =
* This 
* Is
* The
* Stuff
* [[Pizzaboy]]
|group2 = 
|group1 = Subgroup
|list1 = 
* More
* Stuff}}
Results in...
See also
Global Lua Modules/Navbox - detailed documentation at Fandom Developers Wiki