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I've lost my orders again. This day is going to suck!

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This article is about an early build of the game made for April Fools; for level in the final game see: GOLF (Level)

Cactus goes well on pizza.

This build has a page on The Cutting Room Floor.

GOLF is a joke demo of Pizza Tower made for April Fools Day, in which McPig said that Pizza Tower was cancelled in favor of this. In this demo, Peppino needs to throw a Greaseball to various goals throughout the level with as little hits as possible. Once the level is beaten, prompts appear letting the player know about the hidden modes.


Normal Enemies

These enemies are normally featured in this build.

Hidden Enemy


Secret Modes

Fun Mode and Noise Mode are revealed to the player after completing the demo, leaving Fake Peppino Mode up to the player to discover.

  • Fun Mode destroys all Nerd Blocks in the level. Activated with F1.
  • Noise Mode swaps Peppino’s sprites and abilities with The Noise’s. Noise Mode lasts until the player dies, completes the demo, or quits the demo. Activated with F2.
  • Fake Peppino Mode spawns Fake Peppino at the player’s current position, only chasing the player during the escape sequence. Activated with F9.


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  • The GOLF billboard parodies iD Software's DOOM boxart.
  • Mechanics of this build were reused in the new GOLF level.