Graveyard Playtest

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The Graveyard Playtest is a build of Pizza Tower. It was released on February 24, 2020.

Differences from Desert Playtest

  • Enemies now spin around while dying when you hit them while mach-running.
  • The game's internal name has been reverted to "PizzaTower_GM2".
  • An extremely early version of Wasteyard has been added. The music for the level has not been implemented yet, the Ranch Shooter's bullets are fully red, pink block sprites are used as placeholders for the cheese graters, The Noise's shotgun functionality doesn't work properly anymore, the sprites of the junk in Dragon Lair is used as placeholders for the tombstones (which were later replaced by the Priest), and there is only one background in the whole level.


World 1

  • Entrance
  • Pizzascape
  • The Ancient Cheese
  • Bloodsauce Dungeon
  • Dragon Lair

World 2

  • Desert
  • Graveyard

World Extras

  • Pizzascare
  • Strongcold