Noise's Hardoween

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Cactus goes well on pizza.

This build has a page on The Cutting Room Floor.

I've lost my orders again. This day is going to suck!

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This article is about the 2019 prerelease build; for the older Halloween themed demo see: Halloween Demo

Noise's Hardoween is a public demo of Pizza Tower. This demo features sprites created by members of the now-defunct Pizza Tower Discord, and an early version of Pizzascare, which at the time was a harder version of Pizzascape.


A image of the hub in the demo.

Snick can be found in the hub area dressed up as a ghost and The Noise is the only playable character, with a deep blue and orange palette by default. This demo also includes extra palettes for The Noise, including a "Grunch" color. Enemies in this level also have alternative palettes.

In this demo, The Noise has a similar playstyle to Peppino, where The Noise rides a skateboard to gain speed, has a slightly higher jump, and cannot taunt at all. Reaching max speed as The Noise is faster than Peppino, making him harder to handle.

The level that the player can play normally is a early version of a which you can find Here for more info.


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  • Though The Noise cannot taunt in this build, he can analog dab if the player is using a controller and presses the left trigger button.

Decoration winners

  • ReallySpookyMan
  • AvastAntiPony9445
  • SolidVoid
  • Evil Sonic
  • BrieMuffins (formally BonnieMuffins)
  • PinPanPaint
  • Fallatious
  • Chonixtu
  • Pr3tz31
  • KDD
  • VorcoRotGut
  • Jacko Price
  • Tocinin
  • Cactus Companion
  • Shroomster.