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SAGE 2019 Demo is the sixth public pre realease demo of Pizza Tower. released September 26th, 2019 for the Sonic Amateur Game Expo. (Or SAGE for short.) This demo contains a brand new title screen, 3 levels, and a new exclusive level. The Player plays as blue dressed Peppino through out the demo. This demo was the first of the few that would give Pizza Tower notice from the public, being given positive reviews and more attention to the game's development.



The Main Menu for the demo.

After the game loads in, the player is met with a brand new title screen. The menu takes place in Peppino's Pizza, similar to the finished game. The player has the ability to select some things in the menu, with Peppino doing some sort of activity in each select. The player can also select between starting the demo, going into the options, and erasing their data, via using either of on their keyboard. The player can also press F5 on their keyboard, which brings up a manual for the demo.


The Manual shares basic information of the demo's: Story, Enemies, Peppino's Transformations, and Tips for the player. It also drops lore elements, like revealing things like Pizzards apparently being ice wizards, or Pizza Box Goblins having an urban legend of their daily activity.

For more information, see the manual here: SAGE 2019 Demo/Manual


A screenshot of the Options

The option menu has new options the player can pick, enabling full-screen, changing the resolution, key configuration.

If the player wishes to change some settings, they can navigate by using their arrow keys.

Key configuration works very differently than last time seen in Demo 2, instead of having to do it in a order, the player is given a lists of every move, and can navigate through it with pressing or . Pressing on one of the moves cause the game to wait on the next input of the player to over-ride it.


After selecting to start the game, the player slides to the entrance of the build for Snick's Amatuer Game Expo. (SAGE), inside a new character named Snick the Porcupine is there to greet the player. He can be interacted with by pressing . His dialogue changes depending of the player's progress.

The hub world has the entrances to 5 levels, or called "Games" in the demo, if the player beats all levels a exclusive level called Snick's Challenge is unlocked, Snick in the Hub will turn into Snick.exe, daring the player to do his challenge.

Cowboy Tasks

This demo includes the first version of Chef Tasks, however at this point in development they are called Cowboy Tasks. They work pretty much like how Chef Tasks do in the retail game. Cowboy Tasks are located in the Cowboy Task room inside the SAGE Building, listing off nine tasks the player can do. If the player completes all tasks, a Cowboy hat will be in the Task Room, wearable by the Player.


Level changes

This demo also has the exclusive feature of Pizza Coins and the Shotgun acting as an inventory item, where the player can buy 1 to 2 shotguns which are located in PizzaMarts inside of levels. Depending on how many Pizza Coins they have inside any given Pizzamart located in the demo's levels.

Lets Go To SAGE Versions

To promote the release of this demo, Early versions of this build were released on Patreon, all of them being a little different than the final demo. Such as some of the builds containing John Gutter, or Snick not being made as a playable character, instead with him telling The Player to complete all the Cowboy Tasks "To Prove They're a Real Cowboy".


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  • This demo is the only one that directly mention Peppino's fullname and Resturant.
  • The hub in the November build, and all future builds up until the World 1 hub was created, was the same as the hub for this demo, but it removes Snick and the Cowboy Task Room. While the sprites and some of the rooms used in the SAGE 2019 Demo still exist within the file located with the game, however, the tiling on the hub and Cowboy Task Room are a complete mess.
  • The Snick's Challenge S-Rank Cowboy Task can still be obtained in the final game if Debug Mode is being used.
  • This is the 1st demo to include the enemy death screams made by the Pizza Tower Discord members.