Demo 2 Test 1

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Demo 2 Test 1 build is a playtester build made before the release of Demo 2. Although this demo is mostly similar to Demo 2, there are a few differences found in some rooms.

Differences from Demo 2


First Floor

  • In the 1st secret, there are no spikes. Instead, there are pizza destroyables in their places and in the dog-like drawing ear which would later be replaced by normal destroyables. Its legs were pizza boxes containing big collectibles
  • In the 4th room, there's a metal block above a platform and a super spring.
  • The spikes in the 2nd secret are also replaced by pizza destroyables. Additionally, there are 2 pizza boxes below the smiling face.

Second Floor

  • In the 2nd room, the rock with the sword is on the ground instead.
  • In the 9th room, there was an additional jump, making the room a bit harder.
  • In the 11th room, the collectibles are snapped to the grid, it is still unknown why this changed.
  • Just like the other secrets, every spike in the 3rd secret is replaced by pizza destroyables, though one spike that is presumably the figure's head is unchanged, amking this the only secret with a spike. In addition to that, on top of the normal destroyables are pizza boxes, and connected to those are platforms and ladders to help you get up.

Ancient Challenge

  • Originally, in the first room, you have to jump over 5 spikes as the knight. This was nerfed to only 2 spikes thankfully.
  • There used to be ladders on the 4th room to get back up, and you originally only needed to pass 2 spikes. However, at the ladder near to the next room there are no spikes.
  • Two platforms were shifted down a grid compared to Demo 2. Just like the last room, there are no spikes on the right side of the room.