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Cactus goes well on pizza.

This build has a page on The Cutting Room Floor.

Rework is a Playtest build for Pizza Tower, being one of the most complete builds, in terms of relation to the final game, yet.



  • Like the April 2021 Build, depending on the transformation, the music will change in speed and pitch.
    • Sliding down a slope, preforming a roll, or preforming a shoulder bash speeds the music up.
    • Using the Knight Transformation slows the music down.


  • More sprites were made capable of rotating and squashing/stretching, such as characters moving around on slopes, enemies turning around, Peppino's Corpse when he enters the Ghost Transformation, and Pillar John being busted through to activate Pizza Time/unlock more of the hub area.
    • When the enemies turn around, they have 3D movement, but doing so makes them look flat.
  • The Pizza Time Timer is different, instead being timed in milliseconds rather than a stopwatch-type of timer.


  • Peppino and The Noise cant climb or jump on walls (like in the Desert Patreon Build), though The Vigilante can, albeit at Mach 3 only, and he can't wallrun when jumping from one wall to another. To compensate for this, Slopes are placed in all World levels except for World Extras.
  • Superjumps can be cancelled by pressing Down instead of the Dash button.
  • Rolling on the ground will send the player into a semi-roll transformation where they progressively lose more speed. It too can be cancelled by pressing the Dash button.


  • The One Way Breakable Block uses the Recoverable Block's sprites.
  • The Tribe Cheese Totem has no Inactive sprite when the jumping Tribe Cheese is defeated, still using the active sprite.
  • Peppino has no drifting Sprite for the Rocket Transformation, instead only using Peppino's drifting Sprite for Mach 2 and 3.
  • The Asteroid that blocks the way uses a Placeholder Sprite.
  • Captain Goblin uses different Sprites, looking more Humanoid than cartoonish.
  • Gustavo has no HUD animations for him, instead only using Peppino's.
  • The Hamkuff uses Cheeseslime's Sprites as Placeholders.
  • Fake Santa uses Forknight's Sprites as Placeholders.
  • Gustavo and Brick have a different animation when Brick inhales a Rat Balloon.
  • Mr. Pinch Uses Grabbie Hand's Sprites.
  • Golf Demon use Mini John's sprites as a placeholder.
  • Burger Golfer use Cheeseslime's sprites as a placeholder.
  • Peppino has no animation for using Trash Pan's top to ride on, instead only using his present launch animation and crouch sprite.

Main Menu

  • The Main Menu is a Black Room that begins with Peppino reading a book, with him screaming after the Logo falls on him with "Press Start" text. when the player complies, the player can move around the Main Menu. The Following is a list of what can be found in the Main Menu.
    • A Phone, that when interacting with it, takes the player to the Options Menu.
    • 3 Yellow Doors, that when interacting with them, takes the player to a Hub World.
    • A Red Door, that when interacting with it, takes the Player to a level select menu.
    • A Bomb, that when interacting with it, makes the player carry it, allowing them to drop it at a yellow door, making them delete their save file.


Tower Realm

Cosmic West

No Vacation Cruise

21st Century Empire

Terror Nation

The Top

World Extras

Level Differences

John Gutter

  • Slopes are more aggressive than the final.
  • One of the Secret Rooms were changed to a Normal Room called "Big Steps", and the rest of the Secret Rooms were made inaccessible.
  • Two of the rooms contain Placeholder Textures, while the rest of the rooms contain the actual textures.


  • No secrets are accessible.
  • Some rooms still resemble the April Build appearance, but with more slopes.
  • The last room before Pillar John had been reconstructed, where it now resembles the room from the finished version of Pizzascape (albeit with the treasure door located where Gerome himself would be in later builds).
  • The Knight transformation freezes for a split second every time the player does a double-jump and/or thrust.

Ancient Cheese

  • Two Secrets are present, however the first one seems to be in the process of becoming a Normal Room, being called, "And This Was My Bedroom".
  • There is an extra room "ruin_4b", that shows that the player can throw bombs upwards

Bloodsauce Dungeon

  • In one of the later rooms, there is a section that is played by the Knight Transformation.
  • The Fireass Transformation springs the player higher than Eggplant onward.

Oregano Desert

  • This is the last known build to use the old "Desert" version of the level, before switching to the newer "Badland" layout.
  • There is a Pizzacar (an unused transformation in the final game) in the outside area of the Pizzamart that can be used to kill a Stupid Rat in the previous room.
  • There is an alien pickup that's meant to open up secret rooms, however the secret portals are disabled, so the alien pickup can't meet its proper function without some modding. It would later be repurposed as a foreground element in Deep-Dish 9.
  • One of the cave sections uses a background that's leftover unused in the final game.
  • The Meatball Boulder seen in the Ravine secret is used here, and can destroy the rats in the cave sections.


  • This is the last known build where "Yeehaw Deliveryboy" plays in this level.
  • There are tombstones that remove the Ghost Transformation.
    • Two variants of these objects that are used here. one that's stationary, and another that can be picked up and thrown for puzzles.
  • The Ghost Transformation can possess enemies.
    • The Tribe Cheese can move, jump, push buttons, and throw hatchets.
    • Forknights can only move and charge. This is only used for destroying blocks.

Fun Farm

  • Mort only appears when double jumping, attacking, using hooks, and dashing.
  • Electric Potatoes move when the player has Mort.

Crust Cove

  • This is the last known build that uses the old "Beach" layout before switching to the newer "Plage" layout.
  • The Barrel Transformation's roll can only be done by pressing down while dashing.
  • Captain Goblin only leaves when the Barrel Transformation ends.

Gnome Forest

  • The player still has to deliver one Pizza at a time, but the player can switch to Gustavo and Brick in the Gustavo's Pizza Room.
  • "Wudpecker" Doesn't seem to play when switching to Gustavo and Brick, so "mmm yess put the tree on my pizza" plays through the entire level.

Space Pinball

  • This is the last known build to contain Space Pinball before it was reworked into Fast Food Saloon.
  • Parts of this level are taken from an also scrapped level, "Kung Fu". Such as the first area.
    • Other parts would be repurposed for Fast Food Saloon, such as the Horsey Races and the Flippable Cards.
  • Bad Rats can't be defeated, though they can be scared.


  • When grabbing Greaseball, the player can aim where Greaseball will go and how strong the swing is.
  • The camera has a dynamic Smash-esque zooming function, where it zooms in/out the further/closer the player and Greaseball are. This has varying results, as the level's tiles and backgrounds weren't really built for this functionality.

The Pig City

  • There are big Graffiti boards scattered throughout the level. Spraying all 10 (by taunting) grants a key.
  • Scrapped invincible "Biker Pineapples" are seen throughout the level.
  • The ramps let the player do tricks off them by taunting mid-air.
  • The escape route is entirely different.
    • The escape sequence has the player run away from a police car, while avoiding walls and Hamkuffs.
    • One part has the player ride a Pizzacar, a scrapped transformation.

Oh Shit!

  • Instead of becoming the Sticky Cheese transformation after the Cheeseball transformation ends, the Cheeseball transformation instead climbs walls, and ends once the player collides with a wall.

Peppibot Factory

  • This is the last known build to use the old "Factory" version of the level, before switching to the newer "Industrial" layout.
  • The Boxed transformation now acts closer to how it does in Eggplant onwards, though it still uses the old sprites from Demo 2.
  • Moving platforms make their first appearance in this level.
  • The Grabbie Hand lets the player move where they're being carried to.
  • A later part of the level has a dark effect that is absent in the final game.
  • During the escape, there are blocks that appear that can only be destroyed with bombs.


  • To compensate for the lack of the conventional wallrun in a level that heavily relies on it, certain walls are given a special property where the player can wallrun on them without needing to climb a slope first.


  • The level layout is starting to become its own, though a few rooms' tiles haven't yet been updated from how they were in Noise's Hardoween.
  • A scrapped stage hazard is used here, where the Ghost King can possess lifeless knight armor suits to jab when the player is near. Sprites from Peppino's Knight transformation, including his scrapped jab attack, are used as placeholders.
  • The Mushroom Ghost from Wasteyard is used as placeholder sprites for the Ghost King.
  • Forknights are used as placeholders for Ghostknights.
  • Pepperoni Goblins are used as placeholders for Pepperoni Goblin Bats.

Don't Make A Sound

  • The level layout has been given an overhaul, though at it's core, the level is still laid out like a dungeon crawler.
  • Oddly, the April 2021 version of the level can be accessed by selecting "Restart Level" in the pause menu.


  • The exit door is placed above ground, with no ground to stand on, meaning that the player can't exit the door and complete the level.


  • This is the first known build where the Noise Bomb crashes the game.

Main Menu

  • There is a new Red Door that takes the player to the level select menu.
  • The 3 Yellow Doors now lead the player to a Hub World.


  • The only level that is present in the final game that does not appear in this list is Fast Food Saloon.
    • This is because Space Pinball was reworked over time to become Fast Food Saloon.
  • People did not like this build much, due to the removal of the Wall Climb, making this build quite annoying to play.
  • Even though some levels are much more complete, most of everything is still more reminiscent of the April 2021 Build.
  • This and the October 2022 build were first leaked through and 4chan.