Ghost King

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Ghost King is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Ghost King, is a yellow ghost, with an angry look on his face. He has a moustache and a golden crown.


Ghost King follows the player and possesses several special objects, outlet, anchor, deactivated goblinbot, and the TV throughout the level. If the player goes away from any object possesed by Ghost King, he would leave the object and continue following the player. Since he's a ghost, he cannot be hurt in any way.

If Ghost King possesses a large Outlet, it will be activated and start hurting the player if they touch it.

If Ghost King possesses an anchor, it will fall when approached by the player, then slowly will start rising up. The anchor can hurt the player only during the fall. The anchor can also break Metal Blocks.

If Ghost King possesses a deactivated Goblinbot, it will become functional and start turning the player into Ball transformation if they touch it.

If Ghost King possesses a TV, he will get stuck in it, not being able to leave it on his own. The player will need to get to TV and attack it to free Ghost King from it. This is used for puzzles where the player must free him from the TV to progress.

Appears in

Chef Tasks

This enemy is tied with the following Chef Task:

Haunted Playground
Avoid getting hurt by the King Ghost's traps in Pizzascare.


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  • A decorative banner in Pizzascape depicts a Cheeseslime King that looks very similar to the Ghost King.
  • In Rework, various placeholders were used for Ghost Kings and his traps. The Ghost King used Mushroom Ghost's sprite, the Outlet used a black-and-white sprite of Knight Peppino, anchors were also black-and-white and looked more simple, and the TV used the sprite of an unused object (which is a TV that drops pizza slices when broken).


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