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Peppibot is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Peppibot is a robot based on Peppino with one small wheel instead of legs, wearing a metal chef hat and apron.


Peppibot stands in place. Once it spots the player, it will attack by either revving up and dashing towards them, trying to slap them, or shoulder bashing into them. The difference between the dash attack and the shoulder bash is that the shoulder bash has a limited distance, while the dash attack will not end until the Peppibot slams into a wall, briefly stunning itself. It also cannot be scared by running into it at Mach 2 or higher.

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Chef Tasks

This enemy is tied with the following Chef Task:

There Can Be Only One
Destroy every Peppino robot in Peppibot Factory.



This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Peppibot.
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  • Interestingly, Peppibots can destroy Breakable Blocks, and Pizza Blocks, as well as them being able to cause Pizza Time by knocking Pillar John down.
  • There was originally a variant of the Peppibot called the Cheese Peppibot, which looked the same but with yellow teeth, and a yellow chef hat and apron.
    • Peppibots used to spit damaging knives, and Cheese Peppibot would spit cheese, giving Peppino the Sticky Cheese transformation. Peppibot's knife spit attack went unused in favor of a new Peppino-based moveset, and Cheese Peppibot was scrapped entirely because of its redundancy as a variant.
  • All of Peppibot's attacks reference attacks that are either usable by Peppino or were usable by Peppino earlier in development.
    • Peppibot's slap references Peppino's original slap attack used in early demos. This is made much more clear as the slap was in Demo 2, the first build with Peppibots.
    • Peppibot's shoulder bash references Peppino's shoulder bash, but without the Super Jump.
    • Peppibot's dash references Peppino's dash, specifically Peppino's dash animation in Mach 2 (Mach 3 in dev builds).
  • Peppibots in PT_Eggplantv15 could take 2 hits instead of one.
  • Peppibots wear an apron unlike Peppino who wears a white tank top over a black shirt.


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