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Hamkuff, also known as Pig Cop[1], is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Hamkuff is simply a chubby pig wearing a police officer hat and carrying some handcuffs. It also has larger and rounder eyes unlike the rest of the Pig City's inhabitants.


Hamkuff stands in place. If Peppino comes too close to it, it will cuff him with a rope made of sausages. The only way to break free from this rope is to build up speed to Mach 2 and rebound back into it, defeating the enemy.

When playing as Gustavo and Brick, Hamkuff will instead capture Brick, meaning the only way to regain control of Brick would be to defeat it as lone Gustavo. The Hamkuff can deal contact damage while it has Brick, meaning Gustavo must attack it.

When playing as The Noise, Hamkuffs will still cuff the player when approached, but this doesn't affect the Noise's movement in any way. Instead, it turns the Hamkuff into a swinging ball-and-chain that can defeat enemies and even break Metal Blocks. After a few seconds, the Hamkuff will be released and go flying in a random direction, destroying everything in its path.

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This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Hamkuff.
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  • In the original PT_Eggplantv15, Hamkuff did not recover combo meter, but still counted towards it.
  • In the Rework build, Hamkuff uses Cheeseslime's sprite, likely as a placeholder. The sausages are also not animated and do not have shading.
    • Hamkuff's behavior is also slightly different in the Rework build - the player has to keep running against it instead of rebounding.
  • There used to be a glitch which caused taunting as Gustavo while Brick is captured to instantly return Brick to the player. This was fixed by making it impossible to taunt as lone Gustavo.


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