Pizza Box Goblin

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"Urban legends tells of goblins that would hide in a pizza box and put bombs inside of them."
SAGE 2019 Manual

Pizza Box Goblin is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Pizza Box Goblin is a relatively short green pointy-eared goblin with a large nose and red-pupiled eyes wearing a red pizza box with a white interior. His legs and arms stick through his box through holes, and he is often seen holding a purple bomb.


Pizza Box Goblin walks around, throwing a bomb at the player when spotted. The bomb can be grabbed by player and used to destroy Stupid Rats.


Chef Tasks

This enemy is tied with the following Chef Task:

Kill a rat using a bomb dropped by an enemy in Ancient Cheese.



  • In the Early Test Build, Pizza Box Goblin had a full array of stun animations, which were later changed in the Halloween Demo then recycled in the SAGE 2019 Demo.
  • The Pizza Box Goblin's bomb in his walking animation is still the old sprite.
  • In earlier demos, Pizza Box Goblin's bombs weren't affected by gravity, instead traveling in a straight line akin to the Cannon Pizza Goblin.
  • The bombs used to stun the player instead of dealing damage, and could also kill enemies.
  • There used to be a Bomb transformation activated upon grabbing his bomb that would have the player running around uncontrollably with the bomb in hand. This transformation was scrapped in favor of having the bomb be more of a regular grabbable item and this transformation is still used until the April 2021 Build.
  • The bombs were also spawned by The Noise and it's leftover from Demo 1 and 2 which is called "obj_noisebombspawner".


Regular animations

Scrapped animations