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Pizza Slug, also known as Smoking Pizza Slug[1], is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Pizza Slug is a pizza slice with retractile arms wearing a blue bowtie. He has a grumpy disposition and holds a cigar in his mouth. Elite Pizza Slugs have red bowties instead.


Both Pizza Slug variants slide around on the ground, stopping or turning around at random. Upon spotting the player, regular Pizza Slug will cough up smoke in the direction the player is at. The fumes take the form of a black cloud directly in front of Pizza Slug and will damage the player on contact. The fume itself dissipates quickly.

Elite Pizza Slugs will instead stop to pull out a revolver and use it to fire a blast in the player's direction when they enter his line of sight.

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  • The Heat Meter attack for the Pizza Slug was pulling out a revolver and firing it at the player, identical to the Elite behavior in the final game.
  • The original concept art depicts Pizza Slugs adorned with pepperoni slices under their face instead of wearing a bowtie.


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  1. As you can see in the game, that combination got scrapped, but it laid down the general idea alongside various backgrounds that ended up being reused (including the jail room, poop included) and the Smoking Pizza Slug. Sertif,