Police Car

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The Police Car is an unused enemy in Pizza Tower.


The Police Car is a big sausage on pizza-like wheels with a flasher on top.


The Police Car appears from its police station if Peppino either kills an enemy or grabs it in a room with a station in it. After appearing, it starts to chase Peppino. If Police Car catches the player, the player will either be sent to a jail room or back to the entrance of the room.

The Police Car may also appear in secret rooms without a station, and because of this no enemies need to be defeated to summon it. In secret rooms, getting caught by the Police Car forces the player out of the room and back to the room just outside it. This is also the case in any area of the City level that doesn't take place in the main city area.

The Police Car can only be defeated by parrying it. If Peppino hurts an enemy again, another Police Car will appear.



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