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This is a list of scrapped enemies from Pizza Tower.

Image Name Behaviour Appearances First demo appearance
Pizza Car Drives forward, killing any enemy in it's path and jumping up one-tile ledges. If killed, its car can be stolen for the Pizza Car transformation. Oregano Desert Rework (Placeholder motorcycle sprites used in this build)
Kentucky Lenny Walks around, when the player is in their sight, he will throw a fireball that damages the player. N/A N/A
Green Shrimp Thug Acts the same as the Elite Shrimp Thug, but it throws junk at the player, which flattens them. Kung Fu N/A
Police Car Follows the player across the ground if they hurt any enemy within the area. Getting caught by them takes the player to a jail room (or back to where the room was entered). The Pig City April 2021 Build
Pineapple Biker Drives after the player on their bike. Can be defeated when hitting a wall. Once one has been defeated the player can take their bike. Replaced with the Pizza Car. Street Rework (Uses motorcycle sprites as a placeholder)
Chili Pepper Moves around, leaving melting fireballs wherever it goes. This enemy was scrapped due to not being interesting for puzzles. Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator N/A
Noise Bomb Chases/follows the player like the Toppins and instantly kills them when the timer runs out. Strongcold (during The Noise fight) May 2019 Patreon Demo
Smoked Weenie Acts the same as Weenie, but with the addition of hurting the player if they touch his cigar. Peppibot Factory Early Test Build
Cheese Peppibot Rolls around and spits out cheese at the player, activating the Sticky Cheese transformation. Peppibot Factory Demo 2
Pepperman Bomb Runs around and explodes when touched by the player. Original Pepperman battle Demo 1 Hardmode Build
Bear Trap Sits in one spot and clamps down upon contact with the player. The player would have to mash the jump button to escape. Unused hard mode of the Halloween Demo Pizza Tower TesterBuild 1
Pizza Lady Sits in one spot and kisses the player when they get close, activating the Confused/Flustered transformation. N/A N/A
Laser Gun Cheeseslime Fires a coloured laser that teleports the player to a warp point of the same colour. N/A (presumably Pinball) N/A
obj_monster Moves around and charges at the player when in its sight. Can be avoided by hiding in a barrel. The real design for this enemy is unknown. Level4 N/A
obj_smollmonster A smaller version of the obj_monster enemies. The real design for this enemy is unknown. Level4 N/A
obj_scaryeyes Chases the player when they move away and can't be defeated. Level4 N/A
Snick.exe Enters from the top of the current room and slowly floats towards the player, damaging them upon contact. If the player attempts to grab, shoot, or dash into him he will briefly disappear, returning to his original spawnpoint. He was also the main obstacle in the scrapped Hard Mode, where he will drop down enemies, but defeating them makes his also scrapped Heat Meter rise to drop 4 enemies at a time, However, Snick.exe in the Hard Mode is an obvious placeholder. Snick's Challenge SAGE 2019 Demo


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