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Most of the Transformations could originally be removed by taking damage, crashing into a wall, or jumping in water.


The player originally did not have double jump and had a sword attack instead of killing enemies upon colliding with them. The player could also normally walk on slopes, but after that was changed it could have been removed by bumping into a wall or getting hit. The Knight transformation also could destroy Super Metal Blocks. The transformation could also have been obtained from a Pizzard's lightning bolt attack.

Knight Peppino

Knight Noise

Robot Snick



The player originally could get into Ball transformation by pressing down while on a slope, like in the Wario Land series. It is also the only transformation The Vigilante could use.

Ball Peppino

Ball Noise

Ball Vigilante

Instead of rolling, The Vigilante gets down on his front and begins sliding.


Originally there was an extended animation after landing, but it was removed due to being too long and unskippable. The transformation could also be obtained by interacting with burning Haybale, as well as burn normal ones by jumping on top of them.

Firebutt Peppino

Firecape Noise

Firefur Snick



Originally, the player could not stop moving while having Firemouth transformation, and could only destroy TNT Blocks. Transformation itself lasted nearly 10 seconds, after which drinking milk animation played automatically. After that was changed, the player got ability to shoot fireballs and it was possible to remove the transformation by interacting with Free Milk Stand. The player also did not have higher jump and did not have airdash. The transformation could also lit up Haybale by touching it.

Firemouth Peppino


Originally, the player had to constantly jump to be in the air, the transformation was obtained by getting shot by Ranch Shooter, and it was removed by interacting with a Tombstone. This tombstone in question could be picked up and thrown around for certain puzzles. The player also couldn't dash.

Ghost Peppino

Ghost Noise


Originally the transformation could be removed by interacting with Corn. At one point in development, Mort would follow the player, and could be thrown forward. Mort Hook also had much longer animation before launching the player upward.

Mort with Peppino

Weenie Mount

Originally, this transformation could be obtained by defeating Camembert Squire. The player would move forwards automatically, unable to change directions, and could jump without dismounting the Weenie Mount. The transformation would end after bumping into a wall.

Weenie Mount alone


The Barrel transformation at its oldest point in development would rather start rolling when colliding with a Banana Peel, and was able to float on top of water (water itself also ended up being reworked.). Later on it was completely reworked to behave more like the Ball transformation, rolling uncontrollably but switching directions in contact with slopes. This transformation was the only way to break Barrel Blocks.

Barrel Peppino

Barrel Noise


Originally, the player could not turn around with the Rocket transformation. The Rocket transformation could also destroy Super Metal Blocks.

Rocket Noise


Originally Cheeseball transformation did not lead into the Sticky Cheese transformation. Cheeseball transformation also could destroy Cheeseball Blocks.

Sticky Cheese

The Sticky Cheese transformation could scale vertical Conveyor Belts and end by touching an Outlet. Later in development, it was able to scale walls and move on them freely without having to wall jump. It could also squeeze through tight gaps without having to crouch. The transformation could be obtained by interacting with Cheese Blob Maker.

Sticky Cheese Peppino

Cheese Rat Noise


Originally, this transformation did not give the player a dash nor any extra jumps, and the attack did not having a bouncing effect.

Boxed Peppino

Pepper Pizza

Originally the transformation had a completely different effect as it would give the player automatic Mach 4 upon pressing the dash button. The effect would wear off after some time passed. It was never implemented in any of the builds, and was shown only in the Thing of the week 1 video.


Originally the shotgun had limited ammo, in total of 15 shots. It could also be purchased with 4 Pizza Coins from Pay Block. In the SAGE 2019 Demo, the player could buy up to two shotguns, one of which was stored in inventory, and the shotgun was removable upon getting hit. The shotgun could be used by pressing up + grab, later it had its own dedicated button.

Shotgun Peppino

Minigun Noise


Scrapped Transformations


First appearance: The Ancient Cheese

(Gained from: Picking up a bomb tossed by a Pizza Box Goblin)

Peppino, The Noise or Snick will hold a bomb and start uncontrollably running around until the bomb explodes, which ends the transformation. In this form, the only actions that can be done are jumping, turning around and throwing the bomb forward, which ends the transformation until the player picks it up again. This transformation is one of the only ways to break Bomb Blocks. The bomb is still in game, but it no longer causes the transformation when picked up, being more of a grabbable item instead, still usable to destroy Stupid Rats.

Bomb Peppino

Bomb Noise

Bomb Snick


Pizza Car

First appearance: Oregano Desert

(Gained from: Pizza Car)

Peppino rides a pizza box car, inside which he can only move forward and jump. The transformation ends after bumping into a wall.

Pizza Car Peppino


Originally the transformation would have been used in Mansion level. When bumping into the wall, there was a rebound that pushes the clown car back. The player also could crouch while moving. The transformation did not end until entering water.

When The Noise obtains this transformation, he turns into a different type of clown and rides a scooter instead of a clown car.

Clown Peppino

Clown Noise


First appearance: Early Test Build Level

(Gained from: using Skateboard)

Peppino rides a skateboard, inside which he can only move forward and jump. The transformation ends after bumping into a wall.

Skateboard Peppino

Demo 1 ending room

All transformations aside from Hungry and the unnamed sinking transformation can be seen in the "ending" room of Demo 1. McPig had listed the uses and mechanics for most of the transformations shown below during a conversation in the Pizza Tower Discord, on November 2nd, 2018. The descriptions shown here are his own words, however, additional information has been added for extra context.

  • Meteor Peppino: "Sends you flying in a direction. If you hit a diagonal wall, you bounce off. Otherwise you just stop on a wall. Can destroy metal blocks."
    • Activating it would have depended on an unused enemy named "Muscle Pizza" that would punch the player into this state.
  • Animatronic Peppino: "Makes you a sluggish and play music that can put some enemies to sleep. Hit spikes to come back. Spike does their usual job."
    • The plan for the transformation had been revised later on to act more as a hindrance rather than an actual transformation, only slowing Peppino down. It has since been re-added, transforming into an animatronic via being jumped by a Toppin Monster, with the added penalty of rapidly losing points while transformed.
  • Caffeinated Peppino: "Makes you go really fast without being able to charge until you are hit and drop your coffee. Used to get through falling platforms that requires high speed instantly."
    • An unused enemy known as "Cool Kid" would've activated the transformation by throwing energy drinks at the player.
  • Spinny Peppino: "Makes you spin, go real high then float back down spinning. Stun you for a second when landing."
  • Superhero Peppino: "Makes you fly anywhere and destroy metal blocks when running into them at high speed. Spikes."
  • Hungry Peppino: "Makes you follow [an aroma] like a cartoon character, doesn't stop until you reach the food."
  • Shy Peppino: "Makes you unable to charge, slow. Spikes."
    • Would have been activated when in contact with the unused Pizza Lady enemy.
  • Muscle Peppino: "Makes you able to destroy everything."

It seems that the other three transformations were scrapped earlier on, as there had been no mention of them during that conversation.


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  • The Ball transformation being given when crouching on a slope directly mimics the behavior of Wario's roll in Wario Land 4.
  • The Rocket transformation was originally planned to be a Jetpack transformation before it was sprited.
  • The Clown transformation used to be a Skateboard transformation, but this was scrapped.