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The Toppin Monsters are a group of enemies in Pizza Tower based off of the Toppins. They consist of the Mushroom, Cheese, Tomato, Sausage, and Pineapple Toppin Monsters.


The Mushroom Toppin Monster is a tall, lanky brown animatronic wearing large, white gloves. Robotic hinges are used for its joints and mouth, allowing them to animate. Its eyes are small, white circles with no pupils. Upon jumpscaring the player, the eyes shrink in their sockets and are given black pupils.

The Cheese Toppin Monster is similar to a Cheeseslime in appearance, although much bigger. The eyeballs are smaller than their sockets, giving them a sunken-in appearance and its mouth is much larger. Unlike most Cheeseslimes, it has orange arms and hands.

The Tomato Toppin Monster a small, wooden marionette with a small, square jaw. It wears a red shirt with a green collar, buttons, shoes, as well as a pair of white gloves. Its face dons red cheeks, a red clown nose and a green tuft of hair at the top of its head. Tomato Toppin Monster's eyes are googly, becoming bloodshot upon giving chase.

The Sausage Toppin Monster is a tall, stocky humanoid. It wears brown shoes, light blue gloves, with a matching apron on top of a white t-shirt and pants. It's arms are covered by a red liquid, but its head is that of a sausage. The neck is dripping with a red liquid resembling blood. The Sausage Toppin Monster potentially has two pairs of eyes: white eyes with black pupils seen upon defeat, and black eyes with red pupils seen in the red liquid around its neck.

The Pineapple Toppin Monster is a stocky humanoid with a large round nose, blocky chin and defined lips. It also has black sunglasses and green hair, stylized into a pompadour. Its clothes are all white, with a slightly opened dress shirt, pants and sneakers.


When a Patroller or Flying Patroller becomes activated, any Toppin Monsters in the room will wake up and begin chasing the player. If the player is caught, they get jumpscared and sent to the beginning of the room. Getting jumpscared ends any combo and also turns the player into the animatronic form. There is also a small chance of a secret jumpscare being triggered; if caught by any Toppin Monster, an image with the caption "Oktober Fest!" would replace the jumpscare, featuring the Mushroom and Tomato celebrating, wearing overalls with the player character.

The Mushroom Toppin Monster will chase the player, halting if there is an obstacle in its way until the player moves past it. It has the ability to break Outlets that it collides with. It is completely grounded, unable to reach the player if they are above it.

The Cheese Toppin Monster chasing the player, It can jump from the ground to the ceiling and vise versa, sticking to it, allowing it to pass between ledges. It lacks the ability to destroy Outlets, it instead goes through it.

The Tomato Toppin Monster flies towards the player, passing through all objects and walls.

The Sausage Toppin Monster has the same behavior of the Mushroom Toppin Monster, although with slippery movements, taking longer to make turns and gain speed.

During Pizza Time, Pineapple Toppin Monster spawns in the selected rooms and spawns in Piraneapples. It also force alerts the Toppin Monsters in the room. It is the only one that does not chase the Player.

Appears in

Chef Tasks

These enemies are tied with the following Chef Tasks:

And This... Is My Gun On A Stick!
Kill every chasing monster in the escape section of Don't Make A Sound.
Avoid getting jumpscared in Don't Make A Sound.


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Toppin Monsters.
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  • In one of the backgrounds in Don't Make A Sound, the Cheese Toppin Monster is referred to as "Stretcher".
  • Originally, The Tomato Monster would try to teleport around the room, trying to intentionally get the player to touch it.
  • Based on a poster in one of the backgrounds in Don't Make A Sound, it is implied that the Sausage Toppin Monster was a regular butcher before being decapitated and having his head replaced with a sausage.
  • In the game files, the Sausage Toppin Monster is referred to as "hillbilly".
  • Pineapple Toppin Monster would instead be originally a normal Pineapple Toppin that regularly turns towards the player and grins. After Pizza Time starts, it would then take the forms of the other Toppin Monsters.
  • The jumpscare sounds for the Toppin Monsters originates from "Funny Man Screams High-Pitched 'Owww!", It was high-pitched and made to echo slightly.
  • The Pineapple Monster is the only Toppin Monster to appear in more than one level.
  • During June 2022, an idea was brought up of 3D being used in game with pre-rendered models, ideas were brought up such as the spinning rat in the BG of Pizzahead's fight, a 3D attack for Pizzahead, or 3D Jumpscares for Don't Make a Sound. Out of these, only the jumpscares got far, as they were nearly complete, but because of artstyle consistency concerns and behind-the-scenes disputes, they were never added in the final release.
    • At one point in development, the 3D jumpscares would have been used when getting jumpscared during Pizza Time.
    • On May 26th, 2023, Orca, the original creator of the jumpscare models, has released them to the public and can be found here.
  • The Toppin Monsters are referred to as chasing monsters in the description of the "And this... is my gun on a stick!" Chef Task.
  • Prior to the Noise Update, Toppin Monsters increased the player's combo when killed; as they infinitely respawn, this made it possible to farm infinite combo.
    • Despite this, the Toppin Monsters did not contribute to the Super Taunt nor grant points.


Audio Description
Cheese Monster's Walking Sound.
Mushroom Monster's Walking Sound.
Mushroom, Cheese, Tomato and Sausage Monster Jumpscare.


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