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Pepperman first appeared in Halloween Demo in 2018, where he was the final boss.

He also appears to work in the Mansion if modded into the SAGE 2019 Demo where instead of battling the player directly, he chases them down in a chase segment. On the way, there are many Pepper Blocks that only he could break by charging into them. Once reaching the end of the chase segment, he slips on a banana peel that is placed at the end of the corridor, causing him to drop the key.

Demo 1 Boss Fight

Pepperman will be waiting for Peppino atop of the tower's third floor. Once there, Pepperman will be preparing for the fight stomping the ground with his feet, until he starts attacking Peppino.

Pepperman's only attack is to charge towards Peppino. The player can stun him by charging into Pepperman or avoiding his attack by jumping over him, and then waiting until he stops after which he is vulnerable to be attacked. He can also be shortly stunned from stomping on him.

He changes color after getting hit a certain amount of times. If he gets hit four times, his color lightens, after another three hits, he turns yellow, yellow-white after an additional two and one more hit after will defeat him.

Playable Pepperman

Pepperman was made a playable character along with The Noise and The Vigilante before becoming a boss for the second time, but the playable part was scrapped due to McPig thinking it was weird to have half the playable cast be "restricted" characters. Pepperman's playable debut was originally going to be within Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator.

Pepperman would have only two main moves: Shoulder Bash and Ground Pound. He could also Taunt, but only in mid-air for some reason.


  • Pepperman's boss fight originally was supposed to reuse animations from Demo 1, but to make consistency between the new and old sprites, this was scrapped.
  • In older versions of Mansion, Pepperman had a boss fight placed in the middle of the level. This was removed once Mansion had a complete do-over layout-wise.
  • Pepperman's battle arena also originally had a different design.
  • In the first demo, Pepperman's stage would appear on the top of the Pizza Tower along with a picture of a Pizza in the background.
  • Originally, Pepperman was two and a half times taller than Peppino.


Original Pepperman boss fight





Playable Pepperman animations