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I don't need some tin can to tell me how cool I am, man. The shades do all the talking."
— Pineacool, (Via Toppinbot)

Pineacool is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Pineacool is a striped pineapple wearing black shades and matching white gloves and shoes. He is constantly smirking.


Pineacool walks around and hurts the player if touched from the top. Pineacool taunts at the same time as the player does.

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This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Pineacool.
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  • His first appearance was in Demo 1. He was also shown in multiple Tumblr posts before, and can be found in the files of Early Test Build.
  • In some pre-release versions, Pineacool's behaviour was different. Instead of taunting with the player, he would taunt on his own, parrying the player's attacks, which can hurt them.
  • In the Rework build, his behaviour was changed to being unable to die until the player taunts, where he will get stunned temporarily and can be killed.
  • A slightly smaller, chopped up Pineacool can be found in Noise's Hardoween as a decoration.
  • Pineacool's sprite previously could be seen in McPig's Patreon page representing the highest membership level.
  • In some cases, he's referred as "Cool Pineapple", mostly notably in Toppinbot's description of him.
  • At one point in development, Pineacool was planned to taunt to the beat of the music playing, but this mechanic was scrapped.
  • Pineacool's Heat Meter attack was performing a breakdance roll around the floor when the player taunts.


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