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Toppinbot was a bot developed by DragonDePapitas for the Pizza Tower Discord server.


The bot had the ability to post short descriptions of characters in a channel. Below is a table, organized alphabetically, of every known character description.

Icon Description Command
AVGN is Gonna Take You Back to the Past
"Cowabunga... Cow-a-FUCKING PIECE OF DOGSHIT! This game is diarrhea coming out of my dick! This game is as appealing as a fucking ooze-infested dirty fucking sewer rat shit! I've had more fun playing with dog turds!"
Blimy estΓ‘ Angustiado
"Noooo! Las papitaaas!"
[Burgerbot v2] defies all concept of morality
AttributeError: "Toppinbot" object has no property "alignment"
Cheese Slime is Oblivious
"Burble? Burble blorp? Gloop."
Dr. Robotnik is Obviously Evil
"I just stole candy from 4,822 babies! What a perfect way to whet my appetite for evil!"
DragonDePapitas is Absolutely, Definitely Good
You would never, ever add secrets to Toppinbot. :)
Gustavo is Completely Lost
...Nobody has seen him since he crawled into the Pizza Dungeon.
Joey is Feeling Sick
"If I don't have diabetes now, I will."
Mario is Pure of Heart
"Mario loves you very much."
Mort is a Chicken
"Baaaaawk? Bah-gawk? Bawk bawk bawk..."
Mr. Stick is All Business
"I don't care about this fortune nonsense. Just tell me if we can patent this bot thingamajig."
Noise is Completely Insane
"Hey-a! Howsabout a nice ride in this washing machine here? Admission is freeeee!"
Noisette is Beyond Annoying
It takes a noisier noise than The Noise's noise to annoy The Noise.
Peppino is a Little Crazy
"Okay you look-a right here! I baked that into a pizza ONCE and nobody can ever know. Not even the health inspector. Capeesh?"
pete is Here to Make Lots of Friends!
go fuck yourself
Peter is Pretty Evil
"Sometimes in life, you just gotta say 'What the hell!' and just go for it."
Pillar John is Patient
"Why did I get stuck with this job..."
Pineapple is Too Cool for Fortunes / Cool Pineapple is Too Cool for Fortunes
"I don't need some tin can to tell me how cool I am, man. The shades do all the talking."
pizza fan bastard is Extremely Political
"I have a good question why the violence in America
Like why trump did that"
Pizza Tower Guy is a Benevolent Dictator
"sorry guys no progress today i just watched family guy compilations for a few hours"
Snick is (Usually) Good
...Until you discover the monster behind those beady, black eyes.
Toppins are uhhhhh... / Toppin is uhhhhh...
Vigilante is Above the Law
When you're a sharpshooter, nobody gets out of your crosshairs.
Waluigi is also a Jerk
"Whaaaaaaaaat? That's not a REAL fortune! How about I give you one? This bot is a Hunk of Junk!"
Wario is a Jerk
"Hey, what kinda fortune is that? This dumb machine is busted! Whatever, these horoscopes are a bunch of baloney anyways."
Weenie is Pretty Peeved
"60 hours a week guarding some run-down tower and I don't even gets paid vacation? Howsabout we take this out back an discuss it?"

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