Pizza Soldier

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Pizza Soldier is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Pizza Soldier is a pizza slice with brown arms and legs, sporting brown boots, white gloves, and a green helmet with a band holding a leaf on it. He has a cigar in his mouth. When disguised, Pizza Soldier looks like a bush, except his eyes are still visible and there is a helmet and two sticks poking out.


Pizza Soldier hides in a bush disguise until the player gets close enough to him and isn't obscured by a wall. From there onward, he walks back and forth on the ground, stopping to fire a three-round volley from his rifle if Peppino is in his line of sight. Pizza Soldier can not be scared while running at Mach 2.


Pizza Soldier's Heat Meter attack was using a pizza cutter for a melee attack. In April 2021 build he also would get scared, reusing his stunned animation.



Regular animations

Scrapped animations