Pepperoni Goblin

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Pepperoni Goblin is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Pepperoni Goblin is a giant red pepperoni slice with skinny arms and legs, balled up fists, and cleat-like feet seen when he kicks. He has a dirty goblin face with a long nose, a toothy grin, pointed ears, and black beady eyes.

Pepperoni Goblin is described as some sort of jock who practices his kicks with anything near him either to show off or make himself feel better.

Bat-like and robotic variants of Pepperoni Goblins can be found in the form of Pepperoni Goblin Bats and Goblinbots respectively.


"This darn goblin kicks anything near him. He will take any opportunity to practice kicks. Jump on him before attacking unless you want to become his next practice ball."
— SAGE 2019 manual

Pepperoni Goblin walks around, and when approached by the player kicks them, giving them Ball transformation.

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  • In Noise's Hardoween, Pepperoni Goblins are colored purple. In the final game, this palette is reused in the form of Pepperoni Goblin Bats.
  • Despite being one of the earliest enemies made for the game, Pepperoni Goblin never made a demo appearance until the SAGE 2019 Demo.
  • In some prerelease footage prior to Early Test Build, instead of kicking the player, Pepperoni Goblin would do a little dance, which doubled as his idle animation. The dancing sprite was brought back in the full release as an easter egg, located in the Old Tower secret room in Tower Lobby.
  • In Blue Block Land, Pepperoni Goblin doesn't have a kicking animation, instead, it shows its hitbox when approaching it.


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