Captain Pizza Goblin

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Captain Pizza Goblin is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Captain Pizza Goblin is a green goblin with a black beard and hair. He wears a black pirate hat with a white skull. When he is defeated, he shakes his left arm, revealing a long red sleeve.


Captain Pizza Goblin tries to shoot down the player from above with cannonballs. He cannot be defeated in any way, as he appears in the foreground instead of the playable area. The only way to avoid him is to run from the room he's active in.

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  • Captain Pizza Goblin's old design in the Rework build showed a more humanoid captain, with an auburn beard and wearing a red captain suit, but still with goblin features, like green skin, large nose and pointy ears. His animations consisted of simple rotations, without any actual frame-by-frame animation.
  • Captain Pizza Goblin temporarily did not have animations in the Eggplant Build due to the old design being too large on the screen.
  • In The Crumbling Tower of Pizza, if the player leaves and re-enters the room with the Captain Pizza Goblin, he will reappear and stay for the rest of the level.


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