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Snowman is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Snowman is shaped like an ice cube, with the typical coal eyes and mouth, plus a carrot nose. It also wears a red scarf, orange mitts and a chef's hat.


Snowman quickly slides across the ground and hurts the player if touched from the front. Snowman does not get scared when running at Mach 2 or higher. Snowmen are also spawned from the presents dropped by Fake Santa. Snowman explodes into several special gibs when defeated. Unlike Forknight, Snowman does not turn when reaching a ledge.

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  • Originally, the Pizzice had the behavior of the Snowman; however the Pizzice would end up being scrapped and replaced with the Snowman. In PT_Eggplantv15, the Pizzice was brought back; however, it now has a completely different behavior.
  • Snowman's Heat Meter attack was sliding much faster.
  • The Snowman is the second enemy to split into several gibs when defeated, with the first one being Gabaghoul.


Regular animations

Scrapped animations