Tower Lobby

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Tower Lobby is the first world in Pizza Tower.

This world is primarily medieval-themed. This floor, besides main level select room, has two extra rooms for the Pizza Tower Entrance, a long corridor containing Tutorial at the end, and John Gutter Hall, housing the titular level.


John GutterPizzascapeAncient CheeseBloodsauce DungeonPepperman

Debuting Enemies

These enemies debut in this world:

Secret Room

The Old Tower

Near the Pepperman boss entrance. It contains old Pillar John, a Camembert Squire, an idle Cheeseslime, a dancing Pepperoni Goblin, and the Cheese Dragon flying around the room.

Chef Tasks

This world has the following Chef Tasks:

S Ranked #1
Get all S ranks in World 1.
P Ranked #1
Get all P ranks in World 1.