Tricky Treat

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Tricky Treat is a hidden level in Pizza Tower in which the player is tasked to collect 10 pumpkins while avoiding a Pumpkin Ghost. The level becomes accessible once the player collects 20 pumpkins during the Pumpkin Hunt event. The entrance to the level can be found in the Tower Lobby.



Peppino getting chased by a Pumpkin Ghost.

Tricky Treat consists of a main path with 5 pumpkins (indicated by green pumpkin arrows) and 5 extra areas each containing an additional pumpkin (indicated by blue pumpkin arrows). On the bottom left of the screen is a counter, showing how many pumpkins are left to be collected. The player is chased constantly by a Pumpkin Ghost, which behaves identically to John Ghost. Getting in contact with the ghost will eject the player back to the Tower Lobby. Once all pumpkins have been collected, a Pizza Box will send the player back to the entrance of the level.

In contrast to other levels, Tricky Treat lacks many gameplay elements found on other levels of the game; pumpkins are the only collectable and the level does not have Ranks, a Pizza Time timer (similarly to WAR and Secrets of The World) or a title card. The HUD is similarly minimal, only displaying the number of pumpkins left and lacking the TV HUD, score, and combo indicators.

Easter Egg

An ominous screen of Peppino looking to his left.

If the player backtracks and attempts to enter the entrance room of Tricky Treat while in the Ghost transformation, an ominous sprite of Peppino in dramatic red light covers the rest of the screen, and the game's audio cuts out. After eight seconds have passed, the game closes itself. The sprite used was originally planned to be used in Peppino's Final Judgement. However, Tricky Treat reuses this sprite (spr_finaljudgement2), with the text stating that the judgement is final being removed. This easter egg was added because going to the start of the room without all 3 ghost peppers would result in a soft-lock where you could not beat Tricky Treat or return to normal due to being unable to break the first metal block in Tricky Treat.

The object that uses this sprite, obj_softlockcrash, can also be triggered by typing othertest into the debug console.


Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Pumpkin Munchkin
Find all of the hidden pumpkins in the game.
Get all of the pumpkins in Tricky Treat in one run.


Pumpkin Ghost



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