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This article is about level in the final game; for other uses see: Disambiguation:Golf

Golf (stylized as GOLF) is the twelfth level in Pizza Tower, and the fourth level of the Vacation Resort.

The level is a golf-themed restaurant ran by Greaseball. Its titlecard depicts an extremely muscular Peppino wielding both a golf club and a shotgun, as he shouts "You're dead meat!". The sky in the background is red, implying it's set in a hellish landscape.


This level contains the following enemies:






In the fourth room, directly in the way of the player.


Rewarded to the player after finishing the Fry Course.


Rewarded to the player after finishing the Soda Course.


Rewarded to the player after finishing the Burg Course.


During Pizza Time, rewarded after finishing the Final Course.

Tower Secret Treasure


Inside the Final Course, near Pillar John, the player can climb the wall to the left and break a Fake Wall using a grab.


Near the Mushroom Toppin. Only accessible during Pizza Time.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the end of the Fry Course, there is a Fake Wall covering the Secret Eye, with an eyeball drawn hinting at it's location.

In this secret, the player ground pounds to bounce Greaseball up semisolid platforms to grab Collectibles.

Secret Eye 2

In the beginning of the Soda Course.

In this secret, the player is thrown by sequences of Big Cheeses and must leap over obstacles in ball form.

Secret Eye 3

In the Burg Course, Next to the Greaseball.

In this secret, the player must lead groups of Golf Demons into the electric block pit in the center of the room.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

Next to the Final Course's entrance. The player must reach this area within a minute in order to see him. He disappears upon approach.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Primo Golfer
Get the highest rank in the courses of Golf.
Nice Shot
Kill three or more enemies in a single stroke in Golf.
Helpful Burger
Get a burger enemy to hit the ball inside the goal in Golf.


  • Despite the fact that PTG stated that Greaseball is too poor to afford proper golf holes and therefore uses basketball nets, several golf holes can be seen in the background, mainly within the outside sections.
  • This level is likely to have been inspired by a recurring mini game through Wario Land 3 in which Wario has to bash a similar-looking enemy into a hole using shoulder bashes.
  • The titlecard is obviously based on DOOM, with Peppino carrying a shotgun, and it obviously being taken place in a hellish landscape. The title of the level, "GOLF", is also stylized in all caps, similarly to DOOM's logo. Peppino is shouting "You're Dead Meat!" which is itself a reference to the Hotline Miami series.
    • Artwork for level's demo is a full parody on first DOOM's box art.
  • This level, alongside Crust Cove, has the highest score threshold for S ranks with a 23,000 point requirement.


Regular sprites

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