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Secret Eye is an object in Pizza Tower.


The Secret Eye is a floating eye with a pink pupil as well as eyelids.


Upon touch, a Secret Eye teleports the player to its respective secret room. Every level has three Secret Eyes and therefore three secret rooms. Entering a Secret Eye inside of a secret room will teleport the player back to the level.

Once the player has discovered and completed all secrets in the game, Secret Eyes will appear on every floor of the Hub. These eyes lead to an area with two rooms - one containing the gate to Secrets of The World, and the other containing a Sound Test area that allows the player to listen to any track from the game's OST.


Regular animations


Secret rooms exist as hidden parts of each level and are entered by colliding with a Secret Eye. Secret rooms cannot be re-entered, and each level has three Secret Eyes and therefore three secret rooms. Secret rooms usually center around an enemy, hazard, or transformation present in the level, though secret rooms in the early levels often revolve around basic moves. Touching a Secret Eye inside of its secret room will teleport the player back into the level (to the place the secret room was entered in). Entering a secret room during Pizza Time will pause the countdown until the player exits the secret room (if the timer was already over and Pizzaface is chasing the player, Pizzaface will continue chasing them in the secret room as well); however, WAR's timer will not stop upon entering a secret room.

Nearly all secret rooms contain one random Pizzasona to collect. They are usually placed near the exit, but some are in harder to reach parts of the room.


The following dialogue appears at the bottom of the screen after entering a secret room:

  • "You have found 1 secret out of 3!"
  • "You have found 2 secrets out of 3!"
  • "You have found 3 secrets out of 3!"


  • Secret rooms used to have a slightly different background. Instead of using just shades of purple, more colors were used.
  • In older versions, Secret Eyes did not exist. Instead, secret rooms were entered in the same way as a normal room.
    • There were also 6 secrets in each level, instead of just 3.
  • In the final game, there is different music for each level's secret rooms. However, in pre-release versions, the only music was "hmmm look what u done did you found a secret :)".
  • The position Pizzaface spawns in when the player enters a secret after running out of time during Pizza Time is the position of the Secret Eye of the room they entered from.


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