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Pizzaface is the final boss and main antagonist in Pizza Tower.


Pizzaface is a giant floating cheesy pizza with two red pepperoni eyes, a beige mushroom nose, and a mouth, mustache, and eyebrows made out of green peppers. He can change and move the toppings on his face at will in order to make different facial expressions.

Pizzaface first appears in the intro of the game, in Peppino's pizzeria. While Peppino sits disgruntled over his restaurant's debt, Pizzaface suddenly swoops in with a friendly looking clown face, before switching to an evil gentleman's face, terrifying Peppino. He then uses a pointer to explain his evil plan of blowing up Peppino's pizzeria with a giant laser from his gigantic Pizza Tower. Pizzaface then flies back to the Pizza Tower, with Peppino speeding off right after him.


Pizzaface appears when time runs out during Pizza Time. When spawned, he will wake up on the timer with the text "SHOWTIME" and continuously chase the player, flying directly towards the player (phasing through everything), until coming into contact, resulting in the player receiving a "TIME'S UP" screen and having to restart the level. This is the only way the player can lose a level, besides the timers in WAR, The Crumbling Tower of Pizza, and Secrets of The World. If Pizzaface spawns, but the player finishes the level before he touches the player, he will be bruised up before blasting off the screen.

Boss Room

To access the boss room, the player needs to pay Mr. Stick 210$ (21 Toppins). In level order, the bossfight comes after WAR and before The Crumbling Tower of Pizza.

The player has to walk through a long dark corridor plastered with creepy statues of Pizzaface, one of them even turning to look at them as they go past it. Peppino then comes across Pizzaface taking a shower, who spots the chef and scurries away embarrassed. After reaching the balcony through a window, a Present punches the player up to the very top of the tower. Peppino will look briefly at his pizzeria, when suddenly Pizzaface floats into view and startles him. Peppino then smacks his fists and does a furious battle cry while Pizzaface laughs maniacally, and the showdown begins.

When playing as The Noise, he'll look around for Pizzaface until he spots him floating into view. The Noise then joyfully flips him off while Pizzaface laughs maniacally anyways, and the showdown begins.

Peppino/Noise will be constantly furious during this phase of the fight, always using the animations that are used when they have a high combo from 25-49.

Boss Behavior

Pizzaface will slowly float from left to right through the whole fight.

Spawning Enemies

Pizzaface summons random enemies on the arena. Enemy variety increases each time after getting hit. He also starts spawning more enemies per attack as the fight goes on.

Of all the possible enemies, Pizzaface can summon:

Face Slam

Pizzaface will shine a pineapple grin before slamming his face into the player. This slam will spawn an enemy from inside the tower.

After Pizzaface is damaged 8 times, his head opens up revealing he was a machine being piloted by Pizzahead, and the second phase of the battle begins. When Pizzahead takes 3 hits, a severely damaged Pizzaface reappears and spits up rolling cogs that the player must jump over.

Chef Tasks

This boss is tied with the following Chef Task:

Face Off
Defeat Pizzaface without getting hurt.



  • Pizzaface makes an appearance as a weapon the player can use in the DOOM mod “Bring Your Own Class,” acting as the BFG 9000 weapon for Peppino. Pizzaface will give chase to all nearby enemies and dealing high damage upon touching them, but will also chase and damage players if no enemies are nearby.
  • Pizzaface shares similarities with the Ghost in Spelunky, which is summoned when the timer in the level runs out or a ghost pot is smashed.
  • On repeat rematches, Pizzaface will not be in the shower in the hallway leading to outside.
  • The first phase of Pizzaface is very similar to Large Fry from Wario Land: Shake It!. It is also comparable to the Bowser fight from Super Mario World.
  • Pizzaface is the only boss who doesn't give a rank once defeated, but defeating them without taking a hit still grants a Chef Task completion like getting a P Rank on the other bosses would.
  • Pizzaface's old design is used from Bossv0 all the way to Eggplant Build.


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