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Horsey is a character and gimmick in Pizza Tower.


Horsey is a wooden rocking horse with a big smiling mouth and two small eyes.


Passing by a starting gun starts a race with Horsey, where the player must reach an end flag to remove cages which block access to collectibles. There is usually only a single cage which blocks access to a Toppin, but in the third Secret of Fastfood Saloon there are instead two cages which block off several points. If Horsey reaches the finish line before the player, the cages are unable to be removed.

The Noise can kill Horsey after the end of a race, removing any cages if he lost the race.

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  • Horsey's cage was originally smaller, but due to the fact it was unintentionally possible to grab the toppin through the cage, it was made bigger.
  • In the Rework build, due to Fast Food Saloon being absent, Horsey was found in Space Pinball.
  • If the player wins a race against Horsey, and goes back into the room where that race took place, Horsey will be at the end flag, in its defeat sprite.
  • Horsey is likely inspired off the domino stacks in Wario Land 4's Domino Row, which are functionally identical in terms of being a "racer" with a set path. Additionally, both feature Toppins/Jewel Pieces (both are required to proceed their respective game) as the reward for winning the race.


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