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The Doise is a Noise Campaign exclusive boss. He replaces The Noise as the third boss.


The Doise looks and sounds nearly identical to The Noise with a few exceptions. He has chestnut-colored skin and wears a blue jumpsuit with a pink cape. His voice is much deeper than The Noise's as well.

He is inconsistently depicted with heterochromia. His original depiction shows him with a left blue eye, which is reflected in the decoration depicting him in Pizzascare. His boss portrait depicts him with a pink right eye. Due to most of his sprites being recolored from The Noise's, his pupils are often depicted as black.

Boss room

To access the boss room, the player needs to pay Noisette $200 (20 Toppins).

Similar to The Noise's arena, the boss arena is an inflated pink boxing ring. The background is littered with dark blue silhouettes, and during phase 2 they are revealed to be heads and creatures resembling The Doise. Unlike The Noise's fight, there is no transition cutscene between phases.

Upon defeating The Doise, rematches will result in an instant P-Rank due to the player not getting hit. It also counts as not wasting a bomb due to not giving the player a chance to act. The only way to "revive" The Doise for a proper rematch is to taunt in front of the boss gate three times.

Abilities and skills

Given the nature and purpose of the character, The Doise's abilities are almost 1-to-1 to The Noise, with only a few key differences. Unlike The Noise, he does not use bombs or a variant of Noiseys, instead using bouncy rocks which explode after bouncing on the ground a few times. The rocks have certain attributes that potentially make them more dangerous than The Noise's bombs, those being that they cannot be prematurely detonated with a taunt parry, and will bounce up into the air when The Doise uses his Crusher attack.

At the end of his boss fight, he is quickly snatched by Peddito and presumably killed off screen. Attempting to re-fight Doise afterwards will show The Doise as a lifeless corpse on the ground before ending the fight with the usual boss complete animation. Since no damage can be taken during the sequence, the player is rewarded a P rank no matter what. During phase 3 of the fight with Pizzaface as The Noise, Pizzahead will pull up The Doise's corpse once Pepperman and The Vigilante have been defeated. His corpse will lay motionless on screen for a few seconds before falling off, the fight continuing as usual with Fake Peppino.


Peddito is The Doise's ex-friend and murderer who has a short cameo at the end of The Doise's boss fight.


Peddito is a recolored apparition of Peppino, just like how The Doise is a recolored version of The Noise. Peddito wears a pink colored toque and tank top over a blue t-shirt with red pants and boots. In the original fanart, Peddito's face is just like Peppino's, however all depictions of Peddito in Pizza Tower give him with black sockets in place of his eyes.

The following are interpreted events of Doise's And Peddito's backstory from the Bring Your Own Class mod. Whether or not this is canon is unknown.

Prior to the events of The Noise's arrival to the Pizza Tower in his campaign, perhaps even earlier, The Doise and Peddito were friends and/or knew each other. The Doise's description in Bring Your Own Class mod suggests that The Doise has a dark past, possibly hinting towards the notion that The Doise killed Peddito. At some point in time, Peddito was resurrected as an apparition with the intention of killing The Doise, along with anyone or anything that gets in his way.

Bring Your Own Class

The Doise makes an appearance as a playable character in BYOC. When playing as him, The BFG9000 is replaced with an item called "Peddito and The Doise". When used, Peddito will hunt down The Doise for 3 minutes, killing any enemies that are in his path. Getting caught by Peddito results in a jumpscare and the player dying.

Peddito Gallery

Chef Tasks

This boss is tied with the following Chef Task:

Defeat The Noise without getting hurt.


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  • One of the background elements in The Doise's boss fight is credited to Uncle Jeol[1].
    • This uses an edited version of a frame from The Noise's old B-rank animation.
  • The rocks and Peddito both reference Doise’s weapons in Bring Your Own Class.
    • The rocks are Doise’s Rocket Launcher replacement. The rock is thrown at enemies and bounces back at the player, damaging themselves with the thrown stone.
    • Peddito is used as Doise’s BFG 9000 replacement. The player summons Peddito, who kills any and all enemies that he touches, but immediately starts chasing the player. If Peddito ever touches The Doise, he will kill the player in a dramatic cutscene.
  • Many pieces of art of The Doise have him with inconsistent eye pupil colors. For example, the Boss portrait depicts him with a pink eye, while his appearance as a background element in Pizzascare has him with blue and brown eyes.
  • Rematching The Doise without reviving him will grant the player a P-Rank, the Denoise Chef Task, and the Anti-Doise clothes, if not already earned.
  • During phase 3 of the Pizzaface boss fight, when The Doise's corpse is pulled up, if the player breakdances next to The Doise's corpse they will gain the Real Doise clothes.


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Arena Background

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