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The image that appears when unlocking Swap Mode.

Swap Mode is a mode added in the The Noise Update. This mode is playable as both a Single-Player and Local Co-Op/Versus mode, and only allows for playing as Peppino and Noise respectively. There is no online functionality currently and is referred to as a "secret mode" in patch notes. Additionally, Swap Mode does not have separate save files but uses Noise campaign save files instead, requiring the player to continue or start a new Noise campaign file to play in Swap Mode.

Unlocking and Starting

  1. The player must complete the campaign as The Noise.
  2. While playing as The Noise, the player must go to the tower exterior, right before the Pizzaface battle, then jump off the platform.
  3. Once The Noise is off-screen, he will land directly in Peppino's House. Exiting this room using the door on the right will show the player a screen saying "Swap Mode Unlocked."
  4. On the main menu, the player is now able to scroll down past The Noise's files, allowing them to play Swap Mode.

Swap Mode

If the player plays alone, the player can quick-swap between Peppino and Noise by pressing the taunt button and down. Gustavo & Brick are also functional in their respective sections during Swap Mode, replacing Peppino.

As Player 1, or the 'leader', they can play the game as regularly intended. As Player 2, or the 'follower', they can only Grab, Taunt, or Dash (only usable when the leader is dashing). Though the follower is unable to move their character regularly, the follower may try to grab the leader. If the leader is successfully grabbed, the follower will immediately take control and become the new leader, reducing the other player to the follower. Taking damage or falling into a pit will also give control to the follower. Exiting levels will also swap control. When both players hold Dash at the same time (whether coordinated or incidental), both players will be locked into a fightball that bounces off walls until someone lets go of Dash, to which they then lose control.

With all this in mind, the average level becomes simultaneously a contest for control and test of coordination. Upon reaching the end of a course, the results screen will compare each player's scores.


  • During Pizza Time and Lap 2, changing the leader also switches the music. When Peppino is the active leader, the tracks It's Pizza Time and The Death That I Deservioli will be played for Pizza Time and Lap 2 respectively. Meanwhile Distasteful Anchovi (JC RE-EDIT) and World Wide Noise will be played when The Noise is the current leader.
  • In the ending card, it is revealed that the playable Peppino and Gustavo were only actors, and that Brick was just a prop.
    • Peppino's actor is Maurice, Peppino's brother first seen in the "Bring Your Own Class" DOOM 2 mod.
  • During The Crumbling Tower of Pizza, the only characters being saved are Noisette, Noisey, The Bucket, and Gustavo & Brick, regardless of who is the current leader. The rest will be kicked away similar to The Noise's campaign.
  • If two controllers are connected, grabbing the other player and piledriving them into a boss during phase 3 of Pizzaface can result in either crashing the game, or a softlock by knocking the boss out of the arena.
  • Damaging either Peppino or The Noise a multiple of 10 times will never display a special message, nor play the accompanying HUD screen.
  • Swap Mode is objectively the fastest way of completing the game.
    • This is due to the lack of tutorial level, and certain skips such as Noisette not kissing Peppino when unlocking a boss gate. Additionally, swapping between Peppino and The Noise in singleplayer does not cost any in-game time, despite the second-long animation.