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Wasteyard is the sixth level in Pizza Tower, and the second level of the Western District.

The level starts out in an open graveyard, then transitions into an underground setting and finally an abandoned shack with multiple ghostly figures.

The level's title card features Gustavo in a small spotlight, standing at Peppino's grave and mourning his loss, with several ghostly figures visible in the sky and a Priest seen in the sky.


This level contains the following enemies:






In the second room, above the entrance to the room, out in the open.


In the first Ghost transformation room, near the Priest, impossible to pass by.


In the first room of the underground section, directly where the player would naturally progress to.


In the third room with Ghost transformation, in the upper left corner of the room, behind a Breakable Block.


In the second room of the shack section, directly where the player must go to progress.

Tower Secret Treasure


In the first room of the cave section, near the Tomato Toppin, in a hidden path, indicated by a line of rocks, behind a Fake Wall.


In the room with Pillar John, near the room's entrance, in a Fake Wall, indicated with multiple rocky decals. The Tower Secret Treasure is a ghost-like ice cream.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the third room, right near the entrance, on top of a wall.

This secret is a long corridor, full of Bandito Chickens.

Secret Eye 2

In the third Ghost transformation section, in a Fake Wall, indicated with Cheese Grater, requiring full-speed Ghost to break through Ghost Block.

The player retains the Ghost transformation inside this secret, and flies through linear set of rooms, defeating Bandito Chickens.

Secret Eye 3

During Pizza Time, after leaving the cave area, in the room to the left, in the ceiling.

In this secret, the player must avoid John Ghost, while running across the corridor and breaking through walls, indicated with small gaps in them.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

In the third Ghost transformation room, near the Mushroom Ghost.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Avoid getting touched by the John Ghost in Wasteyard.
Pretend Ghost
Kill 20 or more enemies as a ghost in Wasteyard.
Alive and Well
Surf every corpse in Wasteyard.


  • A few rooms show the Pizza Cutter Buzzsaw in the background, one of the other weapons Peppino has used during the development of the game.
  • One of the figures in the third background is wearing a slipper that resembles Snick.
  • The versions of Wasteyard in the demos originally used Yeehaw DeliveryBoy, the theme of Fast Food Saloon, as the music for the level.
    • In the Eggplant build, the level uses The Phantom Tower as a placeholder.
      • Also in the Eggplant build, the John Ghost that chases the player during Pizza Time is absent.
  • The title card for this level, as well as the ones for The Pig City and Crust Cove, are the only ones that don't directly include Peppino, with the only inclusion being his hat for this one.
  • Gustavo and Mr. Stick do not appear in this level to guide the player.
  • This level along with Oh Shit! are the two levels that are impossible to escape being chased by Pizzaface.


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