City (Unused Level)

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This article is about the unused level; for the level in the final game see: The Pig City

City is an in Pizza Tower. Like it's younger brother, The Pig City, The level takes place in an unkempt city, this time inhabited by Ninja Slices, and other enemies. The player has to go around the city to make it to a dark tunnel area, to make it to a Pizzaboy themed carnival.


This level contains the following enemies:




  • Parts of this level were later reused in many different levels:
    • The main part of the level was "fused" with Kung Fu, creating what became The Pig City.
    • The dark sections of the level were eventually incorporated to Kids' Party, becoming Don't Make a Sound.
    • The Pizzaland section would become its own level called Circus, but that was also scrapped.
  • Interestingly enough, many features associated with Sewer were actually introduced here, such as the Cheeseball transformation, Sewer Pipes and Ninja Slices.
    • It is comical to note that Sewer originally used Bite The Crust as its secondary song, a song that would later be used for The Pig City, its spiritual successor.
  • This level only appeared in the April Build (2021) and Rework.
  • The level would've included many looping paths, a possible reference to the maze-like feeling of many modern cities.
  • This level introduced an unused Police Car enemy that appeared when you killed an enemy in certain areas. It would chase the player around. When the player got caught, they'd be sent to the jail room (much like the one in The Pig City) or the start of the section. It can only be defeated with a parry.