Staff Only

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Staff Only is the fifth and final world in Pizza Tower. Its theme is based on horror elements.


PizzascareDon't Make A SoundWARPizzafaceThe Crumbling Tower of Pizza

Debuting Enemies

Secret Rooms

Wash n' clean

Located on the fifth floor, near Pizzascare's level entrance. Contains a laundromat, with a bunch of washing machines, The Noise jumping with one of them, a Noise Satellite and Snick under a sheet. During The Noise's campaign the former is absent due to the player being The Noise.


Located on the fifth floor, near the long upward tunnel to the WAR level entrance. Contains old Mansion assets, as well as a wall full of portraits of different characters.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

S Ranked #5
Get all S ranks in World 5.
P Ranked #5
Get all P ranks in World 5.


  • This is the only floor where a boss fight comes after 3 levels instead of 4.
  • There are two levels in this floor where the escape sequence begins at the start of the level instead of the end; WAR and The Crumbling Tower of Pizza. WAR lacks a Pillar John that normally triggers the escape entirely, and instead relies on a timer that's started, and extended with, War Terminals.
    • This also makes floor 5 the only floor with any levels that start with the escape sequence.
  • Before getting its final name, Staff Only used to be called "Terror Nation", and even earlier, "Horror Passage".