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Pickle is an enemy in Pizza Tower based on the Roper enemy from Memoirs of Magic.


Pickle looks very similar to the Roper enemy from Memoirs of Magic but it looks more like a dill pickle compared to the enemy's original design and has a much more cartoony design, with its eye being white with a black pupil instead of yellow with a red pupil and it having only one pair of arms that are retractable and are less tentacle-like and more human-like.


Pickle teleports to the player's location when they enter its line of sight, wiggling its arms to hurt them.

Pickle does not react to Gustavo's Brick Kick move, making it a useful and safe way to defeat them without triggering their teleportation move.

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  • Like with the situation with Mort, Pizza Tower Guy personally asked the creator of Memoirs of Magic if he could borrow an enemy from the game and they agreed.
  • The reason why the enemy looks like a pickle is because of a joke involving the fact that the original enemy, Roper, looked like a pickle, thus the design differences and the naming.
  • Pickle's Heat Meter attack was spawning more Pickles.
    • Those multiplying Pickles count towards Combos.
    • Pickle's Heat attack references Roper's original attack method in Memoirs of Magic before being patched.
  • In Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator, a glass of Pickles can be seen in one of the background arts.
  • In one of the backgrounds for Oh Shit!, graffiti of a Pickle with a MOM tattoo can be seen.


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