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Noise Goblin is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Noise Goblin is a goblin that has a face that resembles The Noise. He wears a brown Tyrolean hat with a red feather and brown gloves and shoes, as well as a beige sleeveless shirt and a backpack where he keeps his arrows. He is often seen holding a bow.


Noise Goblin walks around and fires pizza-shaped arrows from his bow. He can aim in any direction, allowing him to attack from many different places. He will always aim at the direction of the player at the start of his attack. The arrows are also able to travel through walls.

Parrying a Noise Goblin's arrow will turn it around, which allows it to kill the Noise Goblin, doing which completes a Chef Task.

While playing as The Noise, Noise Goblin simply waves at the player and does not attack. Taunting will cause the Noise Goblin to attack, allowing the Bullseye Chef Task to be obtained regardless.

Chef Tasks

This enemy is tied with the following Chef Task:

Kill a noise goblin with his own arrow in Gnome Forest.

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  • Noise Goblin's scrapped Heat Meter attack would have his arrows home in on the player.
  • Beating Gnome Forest without defeating a single Noise Goblin as The Noise rewards the player with the Forest Goblin clothes, which make him look similar to a Noise Goblin.


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