Cheese Dragon

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Cheese Dragon is an unused boss in Pizza Tower.


Cheese Dragon is a large, chubby cheese creature that somewhat resembles a dragon. He has two small white eyes, a miniscule pair of white wings, stubby limbs and a wrinkly mouth.

Cheese Dragon appears in the "Old Tower" secret room on the first floor in Hub.


Cheese Dragon had three encounters during his dedicated level, Dragon Lair. Each interaction required the player to bring a piece of junk (spawned by Enemy Spawner) through a small platforming section before throwing it at Cheese Dragon, who blocked the path forward, hurting him and causing him to fly onward to his next encounter. After the third piece of junk was thrown at him, he would drop a Giant Key, allowing the player to finish the level at the entrance door.

Cheese Dragon had two random attacks:

  • Fire Breath: Cheese Dragon shoots two to three fireballs out of his mouth, causing the Firebutt transformation on contact.
  • Body Slam: Cheese Dragon slams down on the floor, causing Bowling Balls to fall from the ceiling in a set pattern. If the player was caught under one, they'd become temporarily stunned.


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  • There was a scrapped feature for the Hub which would show the game's bosses in the room's background, watching the player from afar. They would have a much creepier appearance, and when the player defeats one of them, they would disappear from the screen.
  • Cheese Dragon was originally intended as the first world's boss, but the time trial style of bosses was later scrapped for something more traditional, and Cheese Dragon would be replaced by Pepperman as the game's first boss.
    • Cheese Dragon still has its own behavior in the files.


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