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Peasanto is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Peasanto is a tomato-looking creature wearing a green sleeveless tunic with a brown belt. He has a large nose and a buck tooth.


Peasanto stands in place, throwing a fire torch upwards when the player is spotted, causing the Firebutt transformation. When not isolated from the player, he walks around. When the player is spotted, he starts charging towards them with his torch, causing Firebutt transformation as well.

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  • Peasanto's behavior was closer to the Pencer's earlier in development, charging forward and trying to kill the player when merely in the enemy's line of sight.
  • Peasanto originally did not have an ability to stand in place and throw a torch.


Audio Description Additional Note
Peasanto's charging sound. Also shared with Eggplantmobile, Potato Farmer, Pencer and Flying Anchovy.


Regular animations

Scrapped animations