Pumpkin Hunt

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This event lasts from October 1st through November 14th.
To find out how to replay the event outside of these dates, view the FAQ page for detailed information.
This article is about an update and event; for associated collectables and how to find them see: Pumpkins

Pumpkin Hunt is a halloween-exclusive event in Pizza Tower unlockable after beating the game. This event was introduced with v1.0.594 alongside the addition of Steam Community items and numerous improvements. The event lasts from October 1st through November 14th.


Visual changes

  • Main menu gets Halloween props in the background.
  • Pause menu is replaced with characters that resemble hell.
    • Pizza with wings select icon is replaced with The Noise in a devil costume.
    • Golden borders are replaced with tombstones.
    • Vines have pumpkins added.
    • Leaning Dream theme is replaced with Spacey Pumpkins.
    • Various Angel Priests are replaced with horror themed enemies: Mushroom Ghost, Pepperoni Goblin Bat and Gabaghoul.
  • Each floor has various characters dressed up in costumes and pop-ups that appear when getting close to them.
  • Pizza Tower Guy uses a different sprite, having light blue skin, black eyes with blood coming out of them, open mouth with red teeth, bloodied knife and "KILL" text.


Peppino getting chased by the Pumpkin Ghost in Tricky Treat.

After completing the game on a save file, Pumpkins spawn on the levels. They are hidden until the player is close to them, however they make the music quiet and make special ambient sound to hint on their location. There is one of them on each stage, besides bosses, Tutorial and Secrets of The World. Collecting all 20 of available ones, the door in Tower Lobby will be open, leading to the exclusive stage Tricky Treat, which allows the player to get last 10. Every 5 pumpkin collected gives the player a new pattern outfit.

Chef Tasks

There are two Chef Tasks dedicated specifically to Tricky Treat:

Pumpkin Munchkin
Find all of the hidden pumpkins in the game.
Get all of the pumpkins in Tricky Treat in one run.


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  • All of the costumes, except Pizzahead's, were shown in one of the ending images.
    • Pizzahead's costume was used for the pop up image instead.


Pause Menu





Tricky Treat