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Steam Community items are virtual collectables within Steam, video game digital distribution service where Pizza Tower was released. Players can receive, craft, trade, sell or buy these items on said platform. The items became available with Halloween themed update on October 23, 2023.

Trading cards

Trading cards available from Pizza Tower depict 9 characters of the game. Player can get maximum of 5 random cards by just playing the game, including duplicates and extremely rare foil versions. After that player also becomes eligible to receive a booster pack with 3 random cards.

The cards are used for crafting profile badges and getting other items - backgrounds for profile and emoticons. A full set of 9 cards is required for crafting a badge; missing cards can be obtained by trading with other players or by purchasing them on Steam's Community Market, including foil versions.


Player gets a badge and profile experience when crafting (combining) all 9 individual cards from the set. There are 5 levels of badges, which are earned by continuing collecting and crafting more sets of cards, and each giving 100 points of experience for profile. Combining extremely rare foil cards earns player a foil badge and additional 100 experience points.

Level 1 2 3 4 5 Foil
Title Cheeseball Hot Pocket Calzone Chicago-style Real Pizza Golden John

Profile backgrounds

Profile backgrounds can be randomly dropped while crafting a badge or can be traded for with other players, or purchased in Steam's Points Shop, each costing 500 points. They also can be converted into gems to create booster packs with 3 random trading cards.


Emoticons, to be used in Steam's chat and discussions, are randomly dropped while crafting badges or can be collected via trading or Points Shop, where each costs 100 points. They, too, can be converted into gems to create booster packs.

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