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This page lists some frequently asked questions that staff has been asked about. Is your question not here? Contact a staff member, who will be able to answer your question.

Wiki related

Why can't I upload files?

In order to upload files, you must be an autoconfirmed member. This is done to prevent users from vandalizing the wiki with images. You can get autoconfirmed by meeting the following criteria:
  • You've made 10 edits on the wiki.
  • Your account is 4 days old.
  • An email address must be added & verified, which is required to edit in the first place. You can check if your email has been verified by going to your preference settings. If you didn't receive a verification email, check your spam folder.
Please don't fill pages with "I can't add images" messages or excessively edit pages to get autoconfirmed access. If you haven't been autoconfirmed, contact a staff member or ask someone who is verified to upload files for you.

Where did the visual editor go?

The visual editor remains available exclusively to discussion pages to make it easier to start or respond to discussions. The editor has otherwise been disabled for main wiki pages, as it'll result in inconsistent or bad formatting. Only the source editor is available. If you've never used the source editor before, fear not! Look at how other pages are formatted, and learn how to replicate it yourself.

Where did the discussion tab go?

A discussion tab is a feature that only belongs on FANDOM wikis. Standard wikis don't have these. Instead, we make use of talk/discussion pages, which serve to hold discussions regarding the wiki itself rather than to discuss anything you like.
If you're looking for a discussion tab replacement, join our Discord server.

Why should I stop using the FANDOM wiki?

Here's we've put reasons and details on why we've made the change from FANDOM, the underlying issues and how you can help to promote the Miraheze wiki.
In summary, FANDOM has been unable to help its administrators to the full extent with the wiki's vandalism problems. The systems they have in place is the bare minimum and contacting FANDOM staff has proven to only halt these problems temporarily by giving us temporary solutions. Once we finally made the switch to Miraheze, FANDOM's own guidelines did not allow us to delete the wiki on FANDOM, instead giving them permission to kick all active administrators as they please, placing a FANDOM staff member in place to take care of the wiki from that point onward. Because these wikis show up high in Google's search result, taking over their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a tedious task. FANDOM is not a place that cares about fandoms or its fans. They're hungry for ad money gained from people that aren't using adblockers.
To learn how you can help overtaking this wiki's SEO, follow the steps found on this page.

Game related

How do I replay the Pumpkin Hunt event?

Pizza Tower has a hardcoded date programmed into one of its initialization scripts to activate the Pumpkin Hunt event between October 1st to November 14th. Once this date has passed, all Halloween props will be disabled. While it is possible to change your computer's date or wait until next year, re-activating the event with the help of UndertaleModTool makes sure this event is always triggered on startup.
  1. Download the latest Bleeding Edge release of UndertaleModTool and extract its contents.
  2. Open Pizza Tower's and type in gml_Room_Loadiingroom_Create (loading with 2 i's) into the search bar. Open the script under the same name.
  3. Change = (0 << 0) (line 4) to = (1 << 0).
  4. Click on File > Save. Be sure to keep a copy of the game's original around.
The game should start up with the Pumpkin Hunt event enabled. Alternatively, you can use this xdelta patch to achieve the same effect.