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Big Cheese is an character in Pizza Tower.


Big Cheese looks like a Cheeseslime, but bigger and wearing a red baseball helmet.


Big Cheese stands in place waiting for either Peppino or Greaseball to land on it. On contact, it will launch Peppino, giving him Ball transformation, or Greaseball in the direction it is facing. Unlike Pepperoni Goblin, Big Cheese cannot be defeated by player.

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  • Though Big Cheese did make an appearance in several early builds of game, he hasn't been added to any of the builds up until PT_Eggplantv15, nearly 3 years later.
  • In previous builds, Big Cheese acted like a Cheeseslime, but it took more hits to be defeated due to his size.
  • It's leg can be seen when it is throwing the player.
  • Despite being undefeatable, ironically, it can be defeat by if placing obj_gustavo_war or outlet (unseen ingame).
  • As seen in this Twitch clip, there used to be a blue variant with a visible brain. Not much is known about this blue variant; however, it is possible it would be either a weaker or Elite variant of the Big Cheese.


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